Top 5 Denver Broncos quarterbacks not named Elway or Manning

Credit: Howard Smith, USA TODAY Sports

If you had to pick the two greatest quarterbacks in Denver Broncos history, John Elway and Peyton Manning jump to the forefront with a quickness.

But, who are the best quarterbacks the Broncos drafted?

Let’s take a look:

5. Tim Tebow

Yes, Tebow. OK, he wasn’t a great quarterback when it comes to throwing the ball, but the kid won games. Remember 2011? It was Mile High Magic led by Tim Tebow, making the playoffs – albeit backing in – and then beating the Pittsburgh Steelers on the first play of overtime.

4. Randy Johnson

No, we’re not talking about the amazing MLB pitcher, but another guy with the same name and a big arm. This Randy Johnson played 75 games back in the 1960s and 70s, being drafted by the Broncos in 1966. He never suited up for Denver, though, since he was also drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the same year. Johnson was a starter for two seasons, throwing for over 8,000 yards with 51 touchdowns and 90 interceptions in his NFL career.

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  • James

    Morton or Plummer?

  • James

    Oooh drafted duh :p

  • MIKE

    Morton, Norris Wiese, Plummer and maybe another before mid 70s should top that list – and you didn’t even mention them – Shut up you Seahawk fan – lol

    • Rich Kurtzman

      These are quarterbacks that were DRAFTED by Denver.

  • wht

    Brister was slated to take over for elway immediately following his retirement. Get your facts straight, k? Thanks

    • Rich Kurtzman

      Really? Bubby Brister was just a journeyman QB that was brought in as a last-ditch fill-in for Elway if/and when he got hurt. Elway was injured, Brister played, but he was never to be the next starter. Griese, who was drafted from Michigan, was.


        Bubby was a brain short of making it..

  • Anonymous

    It should go
    1Jay Cutler
    2 Jake Plummer
    3 Brian Griese
    The rest u decide


    the beating the steelers gave JAKE SNAKE must have been the reason from his absents from this desperate list..

  • Tom From Pgh

    OK, If this is an article about the Top 5 QBs DRAFTED by Den other than Elway and Manning I have some info for the author…Neither Elway (Baltimore) or Manning (IND) were drafted by Denver, so essentially Your Article is Top 5 DEN QBs other than Elway and Manning but excluding anyone who played elsewhere before joining the team… That seems almost ridiculous.

    Craig Morton and Steve DeBerg both lead the team into the playoffs (Morton into a Super Bowl) and if we count their careers outside Denver (as they did here with QBs like Tommy Maddox) then they easily eclipse any name on this list. Factor in Brister ranking in the NFL Top 10 in passing in 1990 with Pgh & 1993 with PHI, plus being the team’s leading passer in 6 of their 14 wins during the 98 SB season, he deserves a mention. I’ll leave Griese alone, but Plummer was a Pro Bowler who smashed Elway’s single season yardage and TD pass records and lead several defensively challenged teams into the playoffs based on his passing, he was League MVP Candidate in 2005 and a primary reason the team went 13-3 and made it to the AFC Title Game, best season other than 2013 Den has had since Elway retired.