Who is the best Quarterback the Minnesota Vikings have ever drafted?


The Minnesota Vikings have drafted many quarterbacks in their 54 years as a franchise. 23 to be exact. Fran Tarkenton, Mike McFarland, Mailon Kent, Jim Haynie, Brian Dowling, Bill Cappleman, Neil Graff, Mike Wells, Bill Salmon, Tommy Kramer, Steve Dils, Wade Wilson, Steve Bono, Brent Pease, Brad Johnson, Gino Torreta, Chad May, Daunte Culpepper, Tarvaris Jackson, Tyler Thigpen, John David Booty, Joe Webb, and Christian Ponder.

With all of those names you would think it would be hard to pick just one guy as the top Vikings drafted quarterback ever. You would be wrong though. In that entire list there is only one man that is in the hall of fame. Fran Tarkenton played for the Vikings for 13 seasons, led them to three Super Bowls, was named NFL MVP in 1975, and still holds the career record for passing yards and passing touchdowns for a career. Tarkenton has also played 49 games more than the next longest tenured Vikings quarterback.

The Vikings have selected three quarterbacks in the first round (Tommy Krammer, Daunte Culpepper, and Christian Ponder), yet only one has come moderately close to the success that Tarkenton enjoyed. Culpepper helped lead the Vikings to an NFC Championship game before they were embarrassed by the New York Giants in a 41-0 route. Even in the year that he was up for MVP, the Vikings could not do better than 8-8 and ended up losing in the divisional round.

Tarkenton is far and away the best quarterback that the Vikings have ever drafted. When, if ever, the Vikings are able to find someone that could have his sort of impact, they just might be able to move on from where they currently sit as a team.

Could this man be the answer?

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