Baltimore Ravens Top 5 worst quarterback draft picks


The Baltimore Ravens have never been known for offense. Up until 2008, when Joe Flacco was drafted, the Ravens were never really known for having explosive quarterbacks. Even with Flacco there is still much debate. General Manager Ozzie Newsome has always been known as a “genius” comes draft time. He has the reputation of maneuvering draft picks and getting value at almost every pick. I agree with those claims except when it comes to the position of quarterbacks.

Joe Flacco is the first real franchise quarterback the Ravens have ever had. Granted, the Baltimore Ravens have only been a franchise since 1996 but they have truly never had that position locked up until now. Since their inaugural year Baltimore has drafted ten quarterbacks. Some of which were meant to be starters and some of which were meant to be backups. Here at cover32 we have already established Joe Flacco has been their best quarterback draft pick, but it is now time to see the five worst.

#5 – Wally Richardson

Wally Richardson was drafted in the seventh-round of the 1997 NFL Draft out of Penn State. While it is rare that seventh round quarterback draft picks make any kind of noise in the NFL, Richardson did show promise that he could indeed play. At the time, Vinny Testaverde was still leading the Ravens, and the chance of him relinquishing that position was minimal. Never-the-less Richardson was brought in to compete and he never materialized. In fact, his official records show he has one passing yard to his credit. Wally Richardson was most famous when he played in the XFL in 2000 with NY/NJ Hitmen.

#4 – Derek Anderson


Derek Anderson was a sixth-round pick in the 2005 NFL Draft out of Oregon State. What makes Anderson a bust is the fact that he has gone on to have a mildly successful career, none of which was with Baltimore. He spent his first and only year with the Ravens on the practice squad. Anderson clearly had potential and although he is nowhere near a starter in the NFL today had he shown a little moxy in 2005 the Ravens may have been able to get something going. Anderson is currently with the Carolina Panthers.

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  • Voice of Reason

    I think that this article is way too generous to Kyle Boller. They make it sound like he was a promising rising star who had injury problems and ultimately had the chord pulled to early to make way for Flacco. The fact is that the guy had two left feet, had an ungodly throwing motion and was a disaster from day one. The only thing not embarrassing about him was his W-L record, due to the fact that he played with top caliber defenses and a stellar rushing attack. Not going at least 13-3 with a 2,000 yard running back and a top 5 defense is embarrassing (2003).

  • Anonymous

    I agree with all of that but the reality is that if you get drafted in the first round there is expectations that will follow. Was he worth a first rounder? Absolutely not. That alone makes it a bad pick