Could any of these top-10 free agents in 2014 help the Philadelphia Eagles?


With Super Bowl XLVIII in the books, the 2013 season is officially in the rearview mirror. Thus, it’s time to look ahead to 2014.

But before teams gather for training camp in July, play preseason games in August and tee it up for real in September, they have some roster building to do. While the NFL Draft in May will get most of the attention, free agency, which starts on March 11, is an equally important part of the process.

So to get the juices flowing, to help the dreaming about what teams can turn into begin, it’s time to look at who will be available.

On that note, to read about the top 10 NFL free agents on the 2014 market, click here.

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  • Anonymous

    Grimes=too old…Byrd=too expensive…Monroe=no need…Decker=more expensive version of Rilley Cooper…Davis& Verner=both good young players, but not a need at the price they’ll command. …Hardy=yes. Big imporovement to the pass rush, so long as he can play end I the 3-4…Albert=same as Monroe…Orakpo=definite upograde over Cole, but injuries and cost are factors. Graham=Yup, but he aint going nowhere. Next Caller