Denver Broncos to get new jerseys from Nike?

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According to one source, an anonymous person with supposed knowledge of these sorts of things, the Denver Broncos will have new jerseys soon.

Nike, who took over the NFL’s official licensing in 2012 once again, is also the same company that complete changed the Broncos’ logo, color scheme and design of their jerseys in 1997.

An original complaint was that the blue was too dark and the colors too closely resembled the Chicago Bears, but we all grew to love the new look once Denver took home Super Bowl XXXII and their first NFL title.

In 2012, the Broncos went back to predominantly orange, and now they may be going through an even bigger overhaul.

Here’s some of the report from a guy’s reddit profile (read into it what you wish):

“Anyways to make this post actually worth your time reading it, I too saw the rumors yesterday about your team possibly being in the market for new uniforms. I called up my buddy and asked him if there was any truth to the rumors. Here’s what he had to say:

‘Yes, you are getting new uniforms
This has been in the making since Nike took over
Until this past Sunday’s events, Orange was to be the primary
Orange is no longer the primary as of Monday morning and Nike has been green lit to test a new color scheme
The Uniforms have a deadline of the 2015 Draft
This is the longest uniform project Nike has ever undertaken, and just like in 97 the Broncos will be given a template completely unique to them, not even Oregon will have this template for a couple years
A new logo is in the works
Phil Knight wants the Broncos to become the Oregon of the NFL. The team holds a special place in his heart as the first football team to let Nike have complete control over a design.'”

The guy, “trash432a” lets readers know he also was first to break the news of the Minnesota Vikings and Miami Dolphins changing their jerseys before 2013, so, yeah.

Nothing is for sure until announces it, making this a mere rumor for now.

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