Raiders worst QB ever might not be as obvious as you think

Raiders fans entering Oakland Coliseum

The Oakland Raiders have a long history of drafting quarterbacks that did not pan out to well as is demonstrated by my list of every quarterback ever drafted by the Oakland Raiders dating back to 1960. In that piece, I was analyzing all of the quarterbacks drafted by the Raiders in order to determine who the best ever was.

That, as it turned out, was a rather easy task. Ken “The Snake” Stabler was easily the best quarterback ever drafted by the Raiders and it was not even close. Steve Beuerlein is probably the second best quarterback drafted by the team but he was no where near as successful as Stabler and most of his success came with other teams.

So when I started looking into who the worst quarterback ever drafted by the Raiders was, I figured it would be another quick decision. After all, the JaMarcus Russell days are so recent in everyone’s memory it is hard to look past him. Fair or not, he more than anyone else, is the poster child for the past 11 seasons of ineptitude. But when you take a look at the long list of eventual no names, you have to take a step back and really think about it before jumping right to the Purple One.

Aside from Russell, the name that stands out the most is Todd Marinovich.

Marinovich was in the spot light from the time he was a young child due to his father’s decision to begin his fitness training as a very young child. He was also on very strict dietary restrictions intended to turn him into the perfect physical specimen. While it paid off in terms of physicality, it likely had a detrimental impact on him mentally.

Despite clear physical talent Marinovich’s well documented off the field drug and other personal issues likely played a large role in his flopping in the NFL. Lasting only a couple of seasons with the Raiders, Marinovich never really showed that he was capable of playing in the NFL and the Raiders were forced to continue looking for an upgrade at quarterback.

The similarities between Russell and Marinovich run deep. Both are physical specimens and could do things at the quarterback position that not many at the time could. But they both also had deep seeded personal issues, including use of illegal drugs. They also both appeared to be people who were playing football because it was where their physical talents took them, not because they had a love for the game.

But when it comes down to it, as bad as the Marinovich era was, the Russell one was worse for a number of reasons.

First of all, Russell was taken first over all in the draft while Marinovich was taken 24th. They both represented missing on big opportunities with Calvin Johnson and Brett Favre, but Russell costed a whole lot more because of the era in which he was drafted.

Russell was taken just before the new rookie salary cap, when year after year the first over all draft pick was setting a new NFL record for the biggest contract in history. Not only was Russell’s play on the field atrocious, his financial impact on the team had rippling affects that can still be felt today.

Here is to hoping the Raiders never have guys like Marinovich and Russell on the roster ever again.


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  • raiderarlin

    It was painful just reading this article.

    • James Arcellana

      Imagine what it was like writing it! lol

  • Alex

    This might be the worst article I have ever read. Leads in with something you might think is informative based on the title. But then when he gets to the end its just as you thought it was.

    • Walter Spargo

      Looked to be pretty effective tactics if you ask me. He got you to read the whole thing and make a comment on it. LOL

    • NoMoreReggie

      Agreed. But then again this is why they are bloggers and don’t get paid to write this tripe.

  • Anonymous

    Missed on an opportunity to draft Marino? What are you talking about. Marino was 1983 draft? Lol..

    • scattashot

      no wonder the raiders draft like crap, they can’t even get the year players are drafted in correct! really? haha…

  • Anonymous

    This guy and any constanzo are pathetic. They are an embarrassment to the raiders and their fans. For the most part we are an extremely knowledgable and loyal fan base. Idiots like these give us a bad if being a raider fan isn’t tough enough these days. Please get a clue before you post this ignorant crap. Marino was drafted 8 or 9 years before marinovich. Lol…

    • NoMoreReggie

      That’s why they are “bloggers” and not getting paid to write this crap.

  • raiderarlin

    I was pretty sure he meant Brett Favre and now I see it’s been corrected. People make mistakes. I know I do.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t explain constanzos consistently poor articles and puddle shallow knowledge on the history of the raiders.

  • Anonymous

    Btw,at least own the mistake that you corrected,instead of making me look like I don’t know what I’m talking about. The writer is the horses ass,not me.

    • raiderarlin

      I don’t believe I’ve read any articles by Constanzo but I get your point. Stating that the article has been corrected would eliminate any confusion.

  • Larry Dalzell

    Definitely need another Kenny Stabler, The Snake!

    • Florida Raider

      well you wont find one in this years draft they all have major short comings