The Chiefs who would be awesome in the Olympics


The Olympics really are a remarkable event on the sports calendar. Every four years, these athletes get a shot to represent their country’s glory in pursuit of a gold medal.

So in honor of this year’s games in SoChi starting up, here are the five Chiefs I’d love to see in the Olympics.

1. Jamaal Charles

When you’re this fast, everybody wants to see you on the world stage. Charles is a ridiculous athlete and personally, I’d love to see him do some speed skating. I tend to think those dreads would look pretty cool speeding down the ice.

2. Derrick Johnson, Tamba Hali, Justin Houston, and Dontari Poe

Why do I list these four together? One magical reason: CURLING. I’ve actually come across some recently who love curling and I can’t deny how unique of a sport it is. Hali and Houston work together from opposite sides to bring terror to opposing quarterbacks, while Johnson and Poe clog up the middle. This is natural chemistry to make a curling team. Who wouldn’t love seeing these guys sweep around?

3. Dwayne Bowe

For some reason, I want to see Bowe do some freestyle skiing. The event has so many cuts, twists, and turns. Maybe Bowe’s status as a wide receiver, which requires great cuts and good body control, can help him out here.

4. Alex Smith

The quarterback has to be here somewhere, right? So what event are we going to put him in? Well, he does have to slide a lot as a quarterback. I’d say some form of sledding would be cool. Let’s go with Skeleton, which does requires you to sled face down. It’s not quite like sliding feet first, like quarterbacks do, but maybe Smith can express his inner desire to slide headfirst.

5. Eric Fisher

PUT THE BIG MAN IN THE NET. The tallest goalie in the NHL is Ben Bishop of the Tampa Bay Lightning, standing at 6’7. Fisher stands at 6’8 and offensive linemen must be agile from side to side. Yes, we’d have to see what he can do in terms of flexibility to make saves, but come on, he’ll take up the whole net! That’s 305 pounds of man you got to get that puck by.

Who is the worst Chiefs’ draft pick ever at quarterback?

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