The top 3 worst draft picks in Redskins history


As stated in yesterday’s post, the Washington Redskins have a record drafting quarterbacks that can be described as dubious at best. With an astounding 11 quarterbacks drafted over the past 19 NFL Drafts, the Redskins have a bevy of quarterbacks to consider when choosing the worst QB drafts of recent franchise history. With all due respect to the very forgettable busts such as Gibran Hambram, we’ll take this time to focus on better known picks:

    1. Heath Shuler – Round 1: Pick #3, 1994 Draft

Highly touted as the saving grace for the Washington Redskins, a flailing franchise that was a shadow of the giant it had been a mere two years earlier, Heath Shuler’s draft can be seen as the inception of the modern era of the Redskin’s franchise. The much anticipated rookie quickly became one of the biggest busts in NFL history. Shuler played in 18 games, threw 19 interceptions, and compiled an impressive record as a starter of (4-9). After his career ended Shuler continued to disappoint residents of Washington when he came back to D.C. as a congressman representing North Carolina’s 11th District.

    1. Gus Frerotte – Round 6: Pick #197, 1994 Draft

Though Gus Frerotte was a good enough quarterback to usurp and retain the starting quarterback position for the better part of three seasons, and even be classified as a Pro Bowler. Frerotte makes the list for two reasons. First, his infamous head-butt celebration after scoring a touchdown against the New York Giants. He suffered a mild neck sprain, missed the rest of the game, the Redskins lost, and with it slipped away their playoff hopes. Redskins fans have since endured countless butthead/headbutt jokes due to this incident. Secondly, the dangerous precedent of drafting a second quarterback in the same draft as a franchise savior was set; an eerie foreshadowing that was to be repeated almost 20 years later, with Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins.

  1. Patrick Ramsey – Round 1: Pick #32, 2002 Draft

    Patrick Ramsey led the Redskins to a (6-14) record during 20 starts over a span of 4 seasons with Washington. To his credit, in 33 games played he only threw 29 interceptions, keeping his games played to interception ratio below 1; so he had that going for him, which was nice. The most frustrating part of Ramsey’s draft is later on in the 2002 draft, eventual Redskins Clinton Portis and Antwaan Randle-El were both picked up. This means we could have traded down and mined two young upstarts before trading away Champ Bailey and squandering cash on a duo of talentless journeymen.


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  • MSC

    Agree with most of this article. The only part I really disagree with is calling Clinton Portis a talentless journeyman. Look at his stats as a Redskin.

  • Tom Sherman

    MSC I do agree talentless might have been a strong word choice, but no doubt Portis’ tenure in DC was defined by great stats for a few seasons, followed by ridiculous antics and limited production during the others. 4 good seasons interspersed with 3 bad seasons isn’t up to snuff.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t agree with Gus. He was a 6th rounder not a first.

  • Mike Siegel

    Skins traded down twice to get the 32nd pick that was Ramsey. Frerotte was a 6th rounder, so that can’t be included in the top 3. The worst of all time, bar none, was when they used 3 first round picks to draft one guy.

  • Tom Sherman

    Mike speaks the truth about RGIII; however, if he turns out to be the black Jesus that he is purported to be and brings the city a few Lombardi Trophies, then it could be worthwhile trade. As much as I agree with your sentiments, it’s just too soon to call RGIII the worst pick yet.

  • Jeremy

    Disagree on Gus & Patrick… Most definitely Heath was the worst pick in team history. I’d have to put Malcolm Kelly &/or Devin Thomas up there and also Jason Campbell, Jeremy Jarmon, Kevin Barnes were certainly bad, maybe not top 3 though.

  • Tom

    How aboutMichael Westbrook, Desmond Howard.

  • Tom Sherman

    The headline is a bit misleading, the assignment was covering the worst QB draft picks by the franchise. Westbrook, Kelly, and Carlos Rodgers will all have their time to shine.

  • Attila

    It hurts thinking back to those days and history has always repeated itself. Hopefully, they will learn from it. Been waiting for so long since SB XXVI.