Top 5: AJ Green Performances of 2013


There is no question, Bengals wide receiver, AJ Green is one of the best in the business. Green is heading into his fourth NFL season, and has already totaled nearly 4,000 receiving yards. The first-round pick out of Georgia has produced more and more in each of his first three years, and doesn’t seem anywhere near his prime.

2013 was a great regular season for AJ Green, the best of his young career. He made defenses worry any time he was on the field. Green hauled in 1,426 yards this season, on 98 catches. There were many games in 2013 that  AJ Green exposed the opposing defense, as you will see in the highlights below.

Here are the five best performances:

5. Week 16 Vs. Minnesota Vikings: In this matchup AJ Green got his rhythm early on. With one minute to go in the first quarter Green was hit with a throw over the top, for a 29 yard TD catch (0:34 of highlight video). This was just one of his two touchdowns in this game. And one of seven catches the Georgia wide receiver hauled in, for a total of 97 yards. The second of Green’s touchdowns was a difficult; nearly one-handed catch in the endzone. (First highlight) This catch put the Bengals up 42-7 after the PAT, and there was no looking back.


4. Week 9 @ Miami Dolphins: In a 20-22 loss for Cincinnati, AJ Green fought all game, trying to get open and make plays to give his team a chance to win. Green’s 11 total catches  is evident of the effort he put forth in this game. Those 11 catches notched the third year wide out his highest total in any game this season. Despite the double digit receptions, Green was unable to turn any of them into points for his team. AJ hauled in a 14 yard overtime catch that could have potentially led to a FG, that gave the Bengals the lead, and moved this game up Green’s top 5 list.


3. Week 10 @ Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens had no answer for Green in this one. AJ averaged almost 19 yards per catch against Baltimore’s defense. On a total of eight catches. Though Green had just one touchdown in this game, it was the biggest of any he had all year. After an Andy Dalton sack, Cincinnati was forced to spike the ball with just two seconds left on the 51 yard-line. Hailmary was the only option. Dalton’s deep pass was tipped twice by Raven defenders. But AJ Green pulled the ball out of the air, in the back of the endzone, to send the game into overtime(1:19). This would be the Bengals’ second straight loss in OT


2. Week 1 @ Chicago Bears: AJ Green started the season by sending a message to all defensive coordinators. The message being, that they had better start game-planning how they are going to contain him. He sent that message with his performance against Chicago. It was the first game of the season, and Green made it his ” Beginning of the year party.” The wide receiver hauled in nine catches, for 162 yards and a couple of touchdowns. One of the two touchdowns went for 41 yards, on a play that Andy Dalton’s pump fake created so much space, it was easy for AJ to get behind the Bears defense(2:19).


1. Week 7 @ Detroit Lions: There is no doubt AJ Greens’ six catch 1 TD performance was his best of the 2013 season. Nut not just because of the great numbers Green put up, but mainly  because AJ was matched against arguably the best WR in the league, Calvin “Megatron” Johnson. AJ Green did not back down from the challenge. He went out ready roput on a show. He wasted no time doing so. On the very first drive of the game, AJ beat Detroit’s Chris Houston on a double move, for an 82 yard touchdown catch (0:51). He and his counter-part, Megatron, both ended with a total of 155 yards. But Green, and the Bengals, came away with the victory.


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