Top-5 Hollywood roles Stan Kroenke was born to play


As you likely know, Rams owner Stan Kroenke has thrust the Rams into the national spotlight over the past week after one of his firms purchased 60 acres of prime real estate near a place called Hollywood Park in Los Angeles.

Speculation has swirled that this is leveraging attempt on Kroenke’s behalf against the city of St. Louis, who have yet to present a truly compelling proposal to keep the Rams in town past 2015. The reason for all this speculation is that Kroenke himself has not yet stepped forward to either ease or justify the tension that St. Louis football fans are currently feeling. Kroenke has been given the nickname “Silent Stan” for a reason, as the multi-billionaire is notorious for working exclusively behind-the-scenes in his business dealings. With that said, for today’s Top 5 we thought we’d take a look at how Kroenke may have used his famous reserved demeanor to carve out an acting niche in Hollywood in another life. Let’s hope Mr. Kroenke has a sense of humor. Enjoy:

Mr. Bean

Striking resemblance, really

A comedic staple in the UK, Mr. Bean was notorious for his unintentionally disruptive behavior while getting caught up in everyday problematic situations. He spoke from time to time, but never more that a few words at once, much like Kroenke.


One of us! One of us!

Perhaps the most obscure reference on this list, “Eraserhead” is widely considered one of director David Lynch’s finest achievements. It is unquestionably strange, almost disturbingly so, as one of its key elements was the creation of a thick sense of paranoia. That’s something Rams fans are very likely feeling at this point as a result of Kroenke’s silence.


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