Top 5: Most awesome names on the Cleveland Browns’ roster


First off, I want to state that I in no way mean for this post to be offensive or degrading in any way to the players or their families…There are, however, some names that just make you sometimes giggle. Or if not giggle, make you want to use the name as a battle cry or a tongue twister, or a curse word. You get my point.

I don’t think this post needs any further introduction so let’s get started!


#5 Jamoris Slaughter. If you haven’t heard of Jamoris, it’s likely because he was cut by the team and assigned to the practice squad on September 1st, just before the start of the season. Slaughter is a corner back, 6th round pick out of Notre Dame but above all that…he has a great name. Maybe Slaughter is a bit strong for the football field but it gets the point across quite well. (Side note: did you know a group of crows is called a “Murder”….)

Jamoris may have some work to do to see play in an NFL game but the players on the practice squad should never be overlooked and if his play is as strong as his name then he will have a starting job before you know it. Slaughter should also never be overlooked because his name really kills. (ha…ha…)


#4 Chris Ogbannaya. Ya, ya, so Chris is a common name and isn’t different at all and maybe Ogbannaya isn’t quite as cool as Slaughter or others but it is definitely a tongue twister that makes you giggle. Whenever talking to my non-Cleveland (in other words “idiot”) friends, they would always ask who in the heck was the Browns’ running back. It was sometimes hard for me to remember as last I looked I’m fairly sure as a team they averaged negative yards per rush or something….anyway…one of my friends called him “uhhh Chris Oddbanana” and another was just “The Og dude who runs the ball!”. So, it’s somewhat of a hard name to pronounce and get used to and that is why my good man Ogbannaya is #2 on this list. Being on this list should by no means be shameful but should be held like a badge of awesomeness.

In other news, Og man is still signed with the Browns and as of right now is their #1 RB on the depth chart. Way to make it happen Chris!


#3 Barkevious Mingo. I know you’re asking how in the heck there are two players above Mingo (yes we are going reverse order) but just stay with me here. Barkevious isn’t just a great name…it’s epic, nay…Legendary! It’s like a mix of his Southern heritage and a Roman god or emperor. It’s strong and powerful yet…it does somewhat make you laugh. If I had a guy named Barkevious running at me…well…let’s just say he may be #3 but I’d go #1.

BTW, Mingo was a top 10 pick in the 2013 draft (6th overall) and had a wonderful start to the season with 5 sacks and 42 tackles but was roughed up with some injuries in training camp and through the season. Master Barkevious…Lord Barkevious, has a long, bright future ahead of him and he could truly become one of the best pass rushers (with the greatest name) the league has ever seen.

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