Top 5 redesigns of the Giants logo


In response to the recent release of the NFL’s logo remade as if from Star Wars, here’s a fun piece on some of the best recreations of the New York Giants logo on the internet.

5. New York Football Giants by Gap?
This project sought to combine all of the NFL logos with those of the corporate world. In this set, the Giants were combined with popular clothing store the Gap.

4. Giant…and fat?
Ever wonder what the NFL logos would look like if they were fat? Probably not, but David Rappoccio of Kissing Suzy Kolber took a turn at illustrating it anyway.

3. Old school redesign
This one is a little disappointing considering how cool the rest of the set is. Still, it’s hard to hate on the look the designer was going for with these ones—it looks a lot like the logo for clothing company Zoo York.

2. New York Giants FC? Real Giants? Football as football!
This project does something very unique and it’s done well: they turn American football teams into European football teams! With crests, badges personally constructed for each of the NFL’s 32 teams, I definitely recommend checking them all out.

1. Use the force, Eli!
Giants, Star Wars
Is there any question that this redesign is one of the coolest things you’ve ever seen? Props to the artist on the idea and execution of this set. Very cool stuff!

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