Worst drafted quarterback in Rams franchise history


Yesterday, we discussed the best quarterback the Rams have ever drafted. You know what that means: It’s time to explore the dark side.

So who is the worst quarterback the Rams have ever drafted*?

*I’m not counting complete no-names who were never realistically expected to play. That means guys like Keith Null and Mark Manges will not be considered.

I was able to narrow the list down to two guys. They are listed below, followed by their “resumes.”

Runner-up: Tony Banks, 2nd rounder (42nd overall), 1996

If you’re older than 25, you almost certainly know about the many follies of Tony Banks. Banks took over as starter in his fourth game as a rookie and went on to shatter the NFL record for most fumbles in a season. The previous record was 18 fumbles; Banks had 21. In 13 games.

The next season, Banks showed up to training camp with his dog, Felony, in tow. Head coach Dick Vermeil was not pleased. Banks started two more seasons before being eschewed out of town after the 1998 season. His final stat line as a Ram: 14-29 record, 36 touchdowns, 42 interceptions 70.0 quarterback rating and 46 fumbles.

Perhaps not coincidentally, the Rams set tons of offensive records and won the Super Bowl the season immediately after Banks left town.

“Winner”: Terry Baker, 1st rounder (1st overall), 1963

As much as Banks sucked, he cannot out-do the first overall pick in the 1963 draft, quarterback Terry Baker. Baker was the original Heisman-winning draft bust before guys like Gino Torretta and Danny Wuerffel made it cool. Baker played just three seasons in the NFL, all for the Rams, and started just one career game.

Baker’s final stat line puts overshadows even the JaMarcus Russells and Ryan Leafs of this world. His career passing stats: 12-21, 154 yards, zero touchdowns, four picks. His career rushing stats: 58 carries, 210 yards, one touchdown, four fumbles. I should at least be nice and point out he had two career return touchdowns, which suggests he was a bit of a Swiss Army knife.

But like a really shitty, overpriced Swiss Army knife.

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