Worst pick in Bills quarterback history oozes with defeat


If you ask me the Buffalo Bills were only looking for trouble when they decided to draft a player with the word “Loss” in his name. In a league where superstitions result in players and teams doing the craziest of things in the belief that wins come from good luck it was kind of a no brainier that you shouldn’t pick a player in the first round whose name oozes with defeat.

Drafting J.P. Losman with the 22nd overall pick in the 2004 draft may have been the worst decision the Bills have ever made. In 7 seasons Losman average less than 5 starts a season almost all of which he played like absolute garbage.

There was only one season where Losman threw more touchdowns than interceptions and that was in 2006, the only year he would ever play in all 16 games in a season. Losman was so bad that Trent Edwards replaced him and if you don’t recall there were not too many glorious days in Buffalo under Edwards leadership either.

I actually remember believing that Losman could bring us to the playoffs, after 7 years of not making it I had hope that this was the guy that would put us back into contention. I wanted to believe that my team had more knowledge about the great quarterback Losman could be than the rest of us.

Then he ended up in Oakland.

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  • chuckytee

    Losman was a bad pick, yes, but he was not the worst ever. Go back to the 60’s and 70’s none were better than him but were much worse, Marangi to name one, there are others like Dennis Shaw etc. GO BILLS!!