Tony Gonzalez is jaded and eyeing a possible return to the NFL


If you weren’t a fan of Brett Farve’s retirement roller coaster, you might want to turn away. In an interview with Seth Wickersham of ESPN The Magazine, Tony Gonzalez let on that there is a greater than zero percent chance he could end up returning to football at some point next season

“Maybe, if the team is hot in November, 9-2 or something, I could come back for the last two months,” said Gonzalez.

Apparently, Gonzalez was not happy to finish out his career with another losing season and might want one more shot at that elusive title.  Though he didn’t specifically ask to be traded to a contender at the trade deadline, he made it quite clear that he wanted out of Atlanta.

As the deadline came and went, Gonzalez sat with his wife, Tobie, and said, “Welp. We’re staying here.”

To which she responded, “Well, sh-t.”

Gonzalez admits that he wasn’t happy about staying in Atlanta and even told Wickersham that he “acted like a pissed-off kid.”

While Gonzalez has spent the entirety of his career with a squeaky-clean image, Wickersham’s article is beginning to shed a light on Gonzalez that many didn’t expect.

“He bitches to teammates about losing,” Wickersham writes. “He pouts about the constant double-teams. He muses about telling everyone to kiss his ass goodbye.”

When he wasn’t traded, Gonzalez reportedly said, “I’m going to show them. I’m just going to leave. They’re never going to see me again. I’m not going to care about them.”

Now, Gonzalez may be retired, but he’s still under the control of the Falcons. Unless they release his rights, Gonzalez is going to have to go through Atlanta if he has any plans on returning to the NFL. Even if that’s the case, Gonzalez would then have to go through waivers where he isn’t guaranteed to land on a contending team.

Nonetheless, retirement doesn’t seem to be sitting well with Gonzalez.

“The hardest thing next year will be watching games knowing that I could play at a Pro Bowl level,” said Gonzalez.

A return to the playing field is still unlikely, but, as we all know, it isn’t unheard of.

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