Another CB option presents itself to the Oakland Raiders


The Oakland Raiders will be rebuilding the majority of their defensive roster this off season. Among the many whose contracts will be expiring this off season are corner backs Tracy Porter and Mike Jenkins. Considering the fact that the Raiders secondary was, well, horrific in 2013, general manager Reggie McKenzie would be wise to check out any and all possibilities to upgrade it.

And it appears he has been given an opportunity to start the search for corner backs earlier than expected with news coming that the Chiefs have cut Dunta Robinson.

You know what they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Robinson had a poor year in 2013 and no one is going to be jumping out of their shoes to sign him. But regardless, the cut by the Chiefs had as much to do with cap space as poor play.

There is a good chance the Raiders do not try to sign Robinson, but Raiders fans should be wary of every option that presents itself since you can be sure McKenzie will be.

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  • NoMoreReggie

    Either way, this trash regime will win 4 games next year. Again.

  • Mike

    Wow NMR, way to shoe some patience. RM/DA inherited a feces sandwich of massive proportions, much worse than Carroll/Schneider inherited in Seattle. They’ve certainly made mistakes, but they’ve done more right than wrong. How about we give them 3 freakin’ years to right this?

    • Mike

      Damn spellcheck, show not shoe.

  • RaiderJeff

    “You know what they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

    No, one team’s trash is another team’s trash. This is why the Raiders are still in the mess they’re in. The idea that scrubs who played on another team will all of sudden play like superstars just because they’re wearing a Raider uniform has to change.

  • DCRaider

    The reason why we’re still in the cellar is because we had a owner who was giving money to any lazy wannabe player. In due time the same folks who keep calling for RM/DA to be fired will be pretending as though they were loyal fans once the Nation returns to it’s winning ways…

    • raiderarlin