Oakland Raiders: Where are they now? Ken Stabler


The Oakland Raiders have a long and storied history. Even after spending the past eleven years mired in mediocrity, the Raider Nation still has more positive years in the past to look back on than many teams in the NFL.

Earlier this week I took a look at every quarterback ever drafted by the Raiders in order to determine who was the best. After reviewing a rather painful list of bad to average quarterbacks, the winner was clear. Without a doubt, Ken “The Snake” Stabler is the best quarterback ever to be drafted by the Silver and Black.

Every Raiders fan knows that Stabler won a Super Bowl to go with his Pro Bowl and All Pro appearances, but what has Stabler been up to since he retired from professional football?

Like many former athletes, Stabler’s first stop was the broadcast booth. Stabler began as a color commentator on CBS before moving to radio and calling the Alabama Crimson Tide football games with co host Eli Gold. Stabler did this for years before finally retiring from the broadcast booth back in 2008.

But aside from broadcasting, he has also taken to charity like many former athletes. Stabler is the chairman of the XOXO Stabler Foundation which raises money for a number of good causes and has put on an annual golf tournament that has raised well over $600,000 for Ronald McDonald House Charity.

Finally, Stabler has also dabbled in writing children’s books with his 2006 debut, Roll Tide!

Though not in the NFL Hall of Fame, Stabler has been inducted into the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame and the Mobile Alabama Sports Hall of Fame. But despite his snub from the NFL Hall of Fame, he is clearly one of the all time greats in the eyes of Raiders fans.

  • Nick

    As a life long Raider fan I will always have some of the Greatest memories of those old time classic games with the “Snake” throwing those absolutely perfect darts to Dave Casper,…Freddie B.,….Cliff Branch and how about the AFC Championship game vs. the Miami Dolphins,…”The Sea of Hands” Clarence Davis,…..those are memories!! Ghost to the post with Casper vs. Baltimore Colts AFC Championship game.
    Miss those days and can’t wait to get back to the place of respect and winning Big games!
    Go Raiders!!

  • A Stable Stabler

    My favorite Raider……the true embodiment of what it means to be a Raider!

  • DCRaider

    It’s good to know that Kenny Stabler is doing so many positive things since his playing days for the Silver & Black. He is by far one of the most beloved Raiders of all time and the best QB draft pick by the Raiders, hopefully they will be able to make a wise decision this upcoming draft… Raider Nation 4 Life…. Go Raiders….

  • Tom Byars

    If you grew up in the 60s in Alabama, all you heard in Alabama football was how the Snake was slithering through SEC defenses. When he went pro and took the Raiders to the Super Bowl, the team had so many HOFers that Stabler was looked upon as the leader with a crafty mirror of the mind of John Madden. Those Stabler-Raider teams had to have the overall greatest lineup of talent for many years. To lead them, as Stabler did, was a challenge and a victory for Raider fans and all football fans who saw so many unusual personalities blended into a championship. Biletnikoff, Guy, Hendricks, Upshaw, Tatum, Thoms, Villapiano, Ott, Branch, were something to behold.
    On the personal side, I called Ken Stabler for help in 2001 to establish the inaugural RedTrout Fishing Celebrity Classic for children with cystic fibrosis. Without hesitation he said, “Let’s get the ball rolling”. Recruiting 35 guides, several restaurants and many volunteers and sponsors like Wooldridge Boats in Mobile, Bob Baumhower, Shimano, SPRO and help from Roger Mitchell and J.T. and Judy Duddy, we pulled the tournament off and raised almost $50,000 for Cystic Fibrosis. I truly miss Kenny and his voice on Alabama Crimson Tide radio broadcasts. A great American, he should be in the NFL Hall of Fame ahead of many others. Kenny, Thanks for helping the children in Alabama with CF, 1 John 1:9 Tom