The Washington Redskins offseason 12 step program


Anyone who may have predicted another Washington championship this season would have finally been right– if they meant the state. No matter though, next year instead of being Washington the state, it might just be Washington the D.C.

I don’t know about other cities but it’s pretty much a given around the D.C. area that the “team to beat” is right here in our very own hometown, each and every year, and nobody in these parts bothers to dwell on the fact that we’ve suffered a few near misses.

This last season for example was just a reality check, a chance to shake off last seasons bandwagoners. Next year we will be made new. In the meantime, while a fresh set of coaches prepare their inaugural plan, and ownership ponders questions of honor and history, we fans can make affirmation.

It’s time we face our inner-demons and finally engage the Redskins Fan Recovery 12 Step Program (Be, er, brave):

1) I will not live too much in 1982.

2) I will let the memory of Joe Gibbs, and his return to coaching in 2004, remain the surreal gift that it was meant to be.

3) I will let go and let RGIII do his work in my life.

4) I will remain aware that we are 2-4 in the playoffs over a span of 21 years.

5) I will possibly allow myself to maybe congratulate a Seahawks, fan in a fashion audible enough for their pet to hear.

6) I will entrust Jim Haslett to repair his deficiencies.

7) I will humbly refuse to talk about our destiny as champions of the 2014 season.

8) I acknowledge Gus Frerotte’s best attempts, and praise his career mark of most-passing-yards-ever (462) in any game played at Mile High Stadium. (Where John Elway played his entire 16 year career.)

9) I will make amends with all the players who performed pitifully for my team, or left on bad terms, but who still returned in opposing teams uniform to enjoy the luckiest of circumstances in victory. (ex: Stephen Davis fumbling on the goal line but being awarded a touchdown. Forgive it. The list is too long. Forgive it.)

10) I remind myself of the acquisitions made by Vinny Cerrato, many of whom I endorsed. I forgive those players for sucking. Yes, the entire multitudinous horde, even Trung.

11) I will support moving the stadium back to D.C.

12) I will wish the Cleveland Browns my very best in their recovery as well. Best of luck Kyle!!!

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