Where Are They: Ken Dorsey is Reliving his NFL Dream Through Current Pros


So for this segment of “Where Are They,” I focused my sights on ex-Browns great Ken Dorsey.

For a little background info, in case some fans purposely chose to forget, our story begins back when the Browns acquired the gunslinger out of “The U” back in 2006 in a trade with the San Francisco 49ers. In return, the Browns gave up over-the-hill signal caller Trent Dilfer and a 7th round draft pick, which shows what high regard that the Browns held him in.

Unfortunately, Dorsey didn’t live up to the cloud of great expectations that the team placed him under, as he was cut not once, but twice, with the final slash coming on February 9, 2009.

After that, the workhorse known as Ken Dorsey bounced around between the prestigious positions of quarterback coach for the Lakewood Ranch High School (FL) and offensive coordinator at Riverview High School (FL). He then had a stint as the backup quarterback of the Toronto Argonauts in the highly regarded CFL. There, he backed up former NFL superstar Cleonardo Lemon (better known as Cleo), before retiring for good in 2011. Dorsey’s career number upon his retirement were staggering: 2,082 total passing yards, 8 touchdowns and 18 interceptions.

So what has Ken “Giddy Up Little” Dorsey been doing since his leaving the game for good in a blaze of glory? Well, he’s been doing his best to assure that other quarterbacks don’t end up with the mediocre NFL career that he once had.

Immediately after departing The Great North (Canada, not Cleveland), Dorsey began working as a Carolina Panthers scout. It was a great gig for Dorsey because all he had to do was look for players that resembled his football ability in no way whatsoever.

During that first offseason, he worked at IMG in Florida, training players that were preparing for the draft as well as current players that were staying in shape during the offseason. I guess you could say it was an attempt to reward the NFL with some more talented players to make up for his less than mediocre showings whenever he sniffed any playing time in the League. Some of the players he trained included current pros Cam Newton, Randall Cobb, Christian Ponder and Joe Webb (The last two seemed to get a little bit of Dorsey magic sprinkled on them in the process).

Currently, Dorsey has worked his way up the position of Panthers QB coach, in a valiant attempt to turn Cam Newton into the anti-Kenneth Dorsey. So far it has seemed to work, because in one year under Dorsey, Newton set a career in passing touchdowns and a career low in turnovers. He also transformed into a true leader, getting the Panthers to their first playoff appearance since 2008.

So even with the less than stellar career that Dorsey had with the Browns (and the NFL as a whole for that matter), he seems to be actually making a name for himself in the coaching world. Also, Ken, if you ever want to come to the Browns and fix the quarterback situation, I don’t think anyone would mind either.

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