Where is the first quarterback to ever take a snap for the Ravens?


Vinny Testaverde will always be the very first quarterback the Baltimore Ravens put on a football field. His stint with the Ravens was short, only two seasons, and overall fairly unproductive, but he was the first. Take if for what you will. Does it have any true significance? Probably not. Will he ever be remembered as Baltimore Raven? Again, I wouldn’t imagine so. But on a day where we are looking back, I’d like to remember the man who first took a snap as a Raven.

Testaverde had a very long career. It spanned 21 years and three decades. He played for eight different teams and started his career in Tampa Bay. When he started with the Ravens he was already a part of the franchise that came over to Baltimore; that being the former Cleveland Browns. Testaverde had been with the Browns for three seasons and when owner Art Modell wanted to make the move to Baltimore he wanted to start with Vinny Testaverde. Although the team didn’t have great success, in 1996 (Baltimore’s inaugural year), Testaverde threw for a career high 4,177 yards; still a team record. Vinny Testaverde also holds Ravens’ team records of passing touchdowns and completions. So for a team that has been all about defense there was a time in their history where they boasted a fairly lethal passing attack.

After the 1997 season, Testaverde was let go and moved on to the New York Jets and from then on a few other teams and never really had the same success as he did in 1996. Testaverde ended up eighth on the all-time passing yards list and is tenth with 275 passing touchdowns. After a long and fairly successful career Vinny Testaverde is now the quarterbacks coach at a high-school in Tampa, FL where his son plays football.


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