Which 3 quarterbacks should the Eagles never have drafted?


Every franchise makes the mistakes.

The Eagles have had their fair share over the years, and at a variety of positions, too. But the cautionary tales of quarterbacks they once drafted are out there.

I didn’t just go ahead and pick any random quarterback — a seventh round selection who never took a snap in the NFL doesn’t have a place on this list. How high a quarterback was drafted was a big focus of criteria, though, because a higher pick means the Eagles saw a better potential.

Yesterday, we gave you the three best quarterbacks the Eagles ever drafted. Now, here are the three they shouldn’t have selected.

3. Kevin Kolb

Kolb’s situation is bizarre enough to render this pick a mistake.

He was drafted by the Eagles in 2007, a year after Donovan McNabb led the Eagles to the NFC Division Round of the playoffs. The selection — the franchise’s first of the draft that year after a trade with Dallas — left Eagles’ fans at the draft dumbfounded.

The Eagles could have used a safety, but instead picked Kolb. Future Pro Bowl safety Eric Weddle would be selected next.

Kolb wouldn’t start a game until his third year in the league, when McNabb was sidelined with a rib injury. In two starts in 2009, Kolb threw for 741 yards and four touchdowns.

When McNabb was finally traded before the 2010 season, the keys were now in Kolb’s hands. However, an injury in the first game of the year opened to door for Michael Vick. Vick would go on to supplant Kolb as the starter for the rest of the year. Kolb would fill in nicely at points when Vick was injured, but 2010 wound up being his last in green.

Kolb was traded to the Arizona Cardinals prior to the 2011 season. His era in Philadelphia was over.

While it shouldn’t carry much weight on his Eagles legacy, Kolb’s career has been a disaster since being traded away from Philadelphia. He’s started only 14 games over three seasons, and suffered a severe concussion this past summer while with the Buffalo Bills.

2. Bobby Hoying

Bobby Hoying was supposed to be the next great Eagles quarterback. He was drafted by the franchise in the third round of the 1996 NFL Draft.

He wouldn’t get thrown into action until his second season, when he filled in to start six games. He did so nicely, throwing for 11 touchdowns and over 1,500 yards. He would open up camp in 1998 as the starter, and the future appeared very bright.

Yet 1998 wound up being a complete disaster — Hoying started seven games, before being bench because he didn’t win any of them. He didn’t throw a single touchdown that season, and had nine interceptions to his name.

The Eagles would draft Donovan McNabb after that season, and Hoying was traded to the Oakland Raiders. He would have a chance to start in the AFC title game in 2000, but the Raiders lost.

Hoying would retire in 2001.

1. John Reaves

The Eagles selected Reaves with the 14th overall pick in the 1972 draft. He was coming off a stellar year at the University of Florida, were he was a first-team All-American

A few years removed from the Norm Snead era, the Eagles were still looking for their next franchise quarterback. They figured it could be Reaves.

It wasn’t.

Reaves was the starter right off the bat in 1972, and played very poorly. He started seven games that year, throwing seven touchdown passes, 12 interceptions and completing less than 50 percent of his passes. He was arrested for drugs in 1973, and would never start another game for the Eagles again.

Reaves would bounce around the league, playing for five other teams before retiring in 1987. He was arrested in 2008 for drug possession, and entered rehab shortly after.

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