12 great storylines from the Seahawks historic season


Super Bowl XLVIII was the biggest victory in Seattle sports history. Seattleites were starving for a championship, and the Seahawks brought home the biggest bacon in sports. Here are 12 great storylines that made this championship run so special.

1. Pete Carroll vs. Jim Harbaugh

Jim Harbaugh is now playing catch up with Pete Carroll in the ring department. This is especially sweet since Harbaugh has led the San Francisco 49ers to three straight NFC Championship games, and he still hasn’t been able to win the big one.

2. Russell Wilson vs. Colin Kaepernick

Like his head coach Colin Kaepernick now trails his counterpart Russell Wilson in Super Bowl victories. I’m sure he’ll be able to get one sometime in his career… maybe as Russell Wilson’s backup?

3. Fan with Seahawks tattoo was right

You might not know his name, but you’ve definitely seen his tattoo. Tim Connors got a tattoo last summer with the Seahawks logo, and underneath it says “XLVIII Champs.” This is awesome considering he got it before any preseason games were played. This makes Denver Broncos fan Chris Kingman look extra dumb for getting a tattoo the day before the Super Bowl celebrating a Broncos victory.

4. Seahawks 2012 draft class

Remember when Bleacher Report graded the Seahawks 2012 draft class an F? So does Russell Wilson.

5. Hater at Washington Post eats crow

This is my own personal vendetta. Norman Chad of The Washington Post wrote an article a couple weeks back trashing Pete Carroll, the 12th Man, and the rest of the Seahawks organization. I wrote an article in retaliation because he was wrong. It brings me a smile to my face just thinking about Pete Carroll winning the Super Bowl to spite Chad. Here’s his article ripping the Seahawks.

6. Percy Harvin worth the wait

For newly acquired Percy Harvin this season was a disappointment. He only played in one regular season game, and was then knocked out of the Seahawks divisional round game against the New Orleans Saints with a concussion. However Harvin shined on the biggest stage in sports. He had two carries for 45 yards good enough to lead all rushers. To boot Harvin got the second half of the Super Bowl started by returning the kickoff 87 yards for a touchdown.

7. Malcolm Smith’s arrival

Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith was drafted in the seventh round so I think number seven is a good place for him. Smith was anonymous before his Super Bowl performance, but after a 69 yard pick six, fumble recovery, and nine tackles in front of 111 million viewers, Malcolm’s in the middle.

8. Richard Sherman – best in the game

Richard Sherman became a household name following his NFC Championship game rant against the 49ers. Sherman went on to call 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree mediocre, and he called himself the best corner in the game. He is the best corner in the game, but Crabtree is an above average receiver. Crabtree is mediocre compared to Sherman in Super Bowl victories, and there is no arguing that.

9. John Schneider – mad genius

General Manager John Schneider has worked with Pete Carroll to build the Seahawks roster from scratch. Schneider has taken chances on countless players on the roster through the draft and free agency. Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman, and Russell Wilson are just a few mid to late round draft picks that are vital to the Seahawks success.

10. Undrafted Wide Receivers

Jermaine Kearse and Doug Baldwin were undrafted out of college. Both caught passes for touchdowns in the Super Bowl. Kearse out of Washington and Baldwin out of Stanford are now important pieces of the championship puzzle.

11. Super Bowl XL avenged

After getting jobbed by the referees in the 2006 Super Bowl against the Pittsburgh Steelers you might think the Seattle Seahawks were a cursed franchise. Worry no more as the Seahawks are champions and their run atop the NFL is just getting started.

12. The incredible fans

Twelve is for 12’s everywhere! The Seahawks have the best fans in football. They were heard at the Super Bowl, and an estimated 700,000 fans were at the Super Bowl victory parade. That is more than the population of Seattle. Next season is going to be a blast watching these fans cheer on the defending champions.

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  • jc

    SERIOUSLY….this is THE BEST article during ANY part of the Seahawks season that I have read! (and I’ve enjoyed some great ones!) This one though, was a fantastic and enjoyable read……well worth my time. Thank you!

    The ONLY thing I’d hafta challenge, is Malcom Smith being entirely anonymous b4 the Superbowl. It was him who ALSO made a fantastic play (the interception) in the end zone for the NFC Championship from the ball tipped to his area he created, by Richard Sherman, which sealed the win.

    The guy is a stud, yep……but who on this year’s squad isn’t?!

    Go Hawks.