Where is Doug Flutie now? Doing wonderful things for autism actually


If you were to look over Doug Flutie’s career football stats you would probably dismiss him as a player that never really accomplished anything notable in his career. Fans in Buffalo however remember a savior that won important games for us and gave us hope that wasn’t there under our injured starter Rob Johnson.

The man had such an impact on the Buffalo community they gave him his own cereal ‘Flutie Flakes” and die hard old school Bills fans are sure to have a box of them on there shelf somewhere in their house. Sad thing is that just as soon as Doug Flutie was capturing the hearts of Buffalonian’s everywhere he was gone, and just like that he was a distant memory in Buffalo Bills history.

So what is Doug Flutie up to now? Well a lot actually, he has his own charity for autism called the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism and they just had their 11th annual Flutie Bowl which is a celebrity-bowling event to raise money and awareness for autism. Not to mention Doug Flutie himself plays the drums in the Flutie Brothers Band and considering how well his NFL career went I’m willing to bet he kills it on those drums.

All kidding aside though Doug Flutie left Buffalo a local hero and 15 years later he continues being a hero by doing his part to make this world a better place. Not many former NFL quarterbacks that have been out of the league for almost a decade and half continue to be an inspiration and role model to people everywhere but Doug Flutie has. In fact he is probably more of a hero now than he was when he was winning football games and the hearts of fans in Buffalo.

If you have a box of Flutie flakes in your home, or remember Doug Flutie bringing you happiness and hope here in Buffalo then I ask that you support his charity. Even if its $1, it might not seem like much but if everyone donated just one single dollar to his cause I’m sure it would add up to quite a bit of support. Doug Flutie’s official autism foundation site can be found here and as a Bills fan and supporter of general kindness I ask you open your hearts to a good cause from a great man.


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