Free Agent QB’s: Should Dallas cut Orton for anyone available?


The Dallas Cowboys are fortunate to be in a situation where they have a pretty good one and two behind center.

Say what you will about that last interception at AT&T Stadium that ended the Cowboys’ 2013 season, yet one interception does not a quarterback make. Kyle Orton is a veteran in this league that has a better resume than most of the guys on cover32’s Top Ten. Without further ado here is the said list and my comments toward each of them. Trust me Orton is worth it.


1. Josh Freeman
Literally had one of the worst quarterback performances against the Giants last season. Acts privileged and real questions about his work ethic come into play.

2. Michael Vick
Has more than lost a step and can’t stay healthy enough to participate in practice.

3. Matt Cassel
Has proven to be good in Belichick’s system but has been nothing more than a serviceable backup.

4. Josh McCown
Played remarkably in Cutler’s absence but will be 35 at the start of the season, no thanks.

5. Matt Flynn
See Matt Cassel, system guy, nothing more.

6. Tim Tebow
50% of his passes land in the turf, I don’t want Tebow even as a converted Tight End. Also brings a delusional fan base.

7. Vince Young
Complete basket case, serious issues in the locker room.

8. Rex Grossman
Short arms, career backup who sticks to Kyle Shanahan like glue.

9. Chad Henne
Who? Nobody who spent time in Jacksonville…please no.

10. Tavaris Jackson
He’s still in the NFL? I’m sorry Ms. Jackson, I am for real.


To sum it all up, none of these free agent quarterbacks are worth giving up a luxury that the Cowboys haven’t had in some time. Kyle Orton is only out the door if the Cowboys draft Romo’s successor.

Is McClay the savior for Dallas?

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  • jim hunt

    Keep him,if Dallas had of had any defence at all last year,he could have pulled that last game against Philadelphia out and won it,Orton may even be a better quarterback than Romo in a lot of ways,he surprised me at how well he played in that Game,even if he made some mistakes.