Is Josh McCown a top free agent quarterback?


Back in January the Bears took the league’s biggest free agent quarterback off the market when they gave Jay Cutler a new deal. Now teams looking for a new quarterback will have to reevaluate their list but should Josh McCown be there?

On the surface McCown looks like nothing more than a backup. He’s a 34-year-old journeyman who has been on seven NFL teams including the Bears. Before last year he never had a completion percentage above 65 and 74.9 back in 2005 was the highest quarterback rating of his career.

Last year McCown set the city and league on fire with 13 touchdowns, a completion percentage of 66.5, quarterback rating 109.0 and only one interception. He kept the Bears afloat winning three games in five starts while Cutler battled injuries.

To some, McCown might be the next Rich Gannon and to others he’s just an even poorer version of Matt Cassel. Remember, Gannon won a league MVP when he was 37 years old. Cassel won 10 games after Tom Brady went down with an injury on opening day back in 2008.

Gannon was successful well into his 30’s while Cassel did go to the Pro Bowl in 2010 with the Kansas City Chiefs but has since struggled to get playing time.

McCown would be perfect as the backup for the Bears again but a team could use him as a bridge starter. He can come in and give you a solid season or two until a younger quarterback develops into the future leader.

Teams like Cleveland, Oakland, Houston or Jacksonville could use his services. Why rush a guy like Johnny Manziel or Teddy Bridgewater on the field? A team could overpay to protect their long term investment.

Free agency starts March 11. Will McCown be one of the top 10 options at quarterback? Here’s who our national site believes should be on the list.

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