Only 2 Seahawks players are injured going into offseason


The good news just keeps getting better for the Seattle Seahawks. In addition to being the best managed and deepest team in the NFL, the Super bowl champions may very well be the most fortunate when it comes to injuries going into the offseason.

Terry Blount of ESPN reported this morning that Pete Carroll is very happy with his team’s conditioning:

“We came out of this season tremendously healthy, this is by far the best health situation I’ve even been around. We ended at a really good level of conditioning.” 

On a roster with over 50 players there were only two injuries to report.

– Left tackle Russell Okung battled through toe issues during the season and may require surgery for repair.

– Cornerback Richard Sherman suffered a second-degree high ankle sprain during the Super bowl but should be back to 100 percent in just a couple of short weeks.

So to sum up, the Seahawks have a stacked roster full of talented, mostly young, and almost completely healthy football players. Can we start the 2014 season already?

Who are the top free agents at quarterback?

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  • Nick

    There are more than 2. forgot everyone that was on the PUP/IR list. Sidney Rice (ACL), Jesse Williams, Tharold Simon, Greg Scruggs, couple others that I cant think of right now. But yes, out of the SB participants, most are healthy.