Raiders best options for a free agent quarterback


The Oakland Raiders will undoubtedly be looking to add a quarterback to their roster for the 2014 season. It is yet to be seen whether or not they will add someone through free agency, the draft or both, but Raiders fans should expect to see at least one new face playing quarterback for the team come training camp (and no, I don’t mean Trent Edwards).

Much talk has been focused on the draft because the fact of the matter is, rarely do big name quarterbacks hit the free agent market. Peyton Manning was an anomaly that is not being afforded the Raiders this season. But even if the Raiders believe their quarterback of the future is in the NFL draft, there is a strong chance that player will not be ready to play right away. If so, the Raiders will likely look to a veteran quarterback as a stop gap until the young guy is ready.

Given that fact, take a look at the cover32 list of top ten free agent quarterbacks that will be available to the Raiders this off season. It isn’t overwhelming but it’s all the Raiders have to work with.

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  • Julian

    The best option for the Raiders QB is Matt Mcgloing. There is good talent that can help the Raiders win. Draft high for a defensive lineman. Don’t fall into the idea that the Raiders need to go high in the draft. Mckenzie and Allen do the right thing or step aside to let someone that can judge real QB talent do the job. Matt Flynn, Tyrell Prior. Enough said.