Should the Detroit Lions be in the market for a free-agent QB?


Only one player threw a pass for the Detroit Lions in 2013 – Matthew Stafford. And for good reason, as the 26-year-old quarterback is the face of the franchise in the Motor City; he’s the former No. 1 overall pick who has been tasked with carrying the team on his shoulders.

For the most part, he’s done just that. Yes, there are some occasional decisions that are head scratchers. But by and large, Stafford has done a great job, throwing for more than 4,500 yards in each of the past three seasons.

That’s not to say, however, that the Lions shouldn’t be looking at quarterback help this offseason. In fact, it probably makes it even more of a necessity.

The fact of the matter is that Detroit relies heavily on Stafford; he’s what makes their offense go. While that’s understandable, it creates two problems. For one, the quarterback is put in harm’s way a lot; the more times he throws the ball, the greater the chances of him getting hurt. And for two, it’d be a huge problem for the Lions if they lost their starting QB for multiple weeks; it’d be hard for Detroit to make the midseason transition to a much-lesser signal caller.

Thus, finding someone other than soon-to-be-13-year veteran Shaun Hill should be a priority. Someone younger, and perhaps a little more mobile, would be good. The Lions need someone who can make some plays if called upon, which no one is sure Hill can do.

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  • bob d

    Why not take this opportunity to develop a draft choice. Looks like with the top rounds full of candidates this year, there should be a sleeper somewhere down in the bowels of the draft. Connor Shaw? Aron Murray? They looked pretty good to me in college. Let them compete with Kellen Moore (who looks pretty good too) and maybe as you suggest, relieve him at key times. Remember how good Shawn looked when he relieved Stafford? And Shawn still may have a year or two left, his biggest problem may be that he doesn’t get to play in a real game. I would let another team claim Shawn as a free agent but I wouldn’t let him be a cap casualty.

  • TBallusn

    Really? You say you need to get younger at the backup slot and you mention a bunch of retreads, barely younger than the one you suppose to need to have to replace. Hill has (when called upon) done an acceptable job with the Lions. Where is kid from the Redskins in this article? Oh yeah, you are looking for cheap options – cheap for a reason…