Top 10 Free Agent QB’s: Should the Minnesota Vikings take a look?


Free agency has been were the Minnesota Vikings have found most of their quarterbacks since the early 1990’s. This years crop of free agents, however, are subpar at best and the Vikings would look silly if they went after any of them. But, since this is the Vikings we will look at the Top 10 and see where they might find something that they would be interested.


10. Tarvaris Jackson


“We’ve seen enough from Jackson during his seven NFL seasons to determine that he’s not going to be a long-term answer as a starter. His 2011 campaign in Seattle proved that point, despite throwing for more than 3,000 yards. But that much time on an NFL roster also proves that Jackson is at least competent. He can get a team in and out of the huddle, he can make decent decisions and he can move the football. Is he going to win a title? No. But he can play the position adequately.” (

We have seen it happen before, a quarterback leaves a team and then a few years later comes back to them (Brad Johnson anyone?). Tarvaris Jackson is one quarterback that the vast majority of Vikings fans would love to forget. Jackson was Brad Childress pet project, and then Brett Favre came along and Jackson was a thing of the past. That is where he needs to stay too, in the Vikings past.


9. Chad Henne


“Henne is far from flashy, as he doesn’t do anything exceptionally well. He doesn’t have a cannon for an arm and he doesn’t make amazing plays with his feet. Thus, he’s kind of just another guy. But, he is a player who has proven he can deal with ugly situations. During his time in Miami and Jacksonville, he’s bravely taken his spot under center every week despite not having much talent around him. In the right situation, with a strong defense and running game, he could win games.” (

The Minnesota Vikings have looked at Henne before. Henne has been stuck teams full of lackluster talent, and yet he still has been able to show a lot of poise. Henne could be a good veteran to hold the Vikings for a couple years while a rookie develops. But are the Vikings willing to put much into him? I highly doubt it.

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  • Ekolu

    OMG Bryan, Josh Freeman and Michael Vick as the top 2 options, you’re absolutely out of your mind. Vick is finished, he had all the weapons in Philly and failed. It’s a possibility Freeman is resigned because he does fit the type of QB Turner likes. A big, strong-armed QB that likes to go down the field with. However, the Vikings should go after Ryan Mallett with a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick and try to get Freeman at a discount price, and trade Ponder for a 6th or 7th rounder.

  • Bryan Kvitek

    This list was put together by the heads of Cover32. I just wrote the response as to how they would fit in Minnesota.

  • chuck

    terrible list all those guys are not franchise qbs or even filler qbs they should be on practice squads at best .freeman as no 1 option what morons figures this list they need new