Top 10 free agent QB’s: Did Whitehurst make the list? Is he replaceable?


San Diego Chargers backup quarterback, Charlie Whitehurst, is set to become a free agent in March. He’s done a solid job of holding a clipboard and growing out his flowing head lettuce, but is he the player the Bolts want under center if something happens to Philip Rivers? Rivers himself has said how valuable Whitehurst has been as a backup, but the Bolts may look to invest in a younger quarterback not named Brad Sorensen in a deep 2014 NFL draft. With that being said, is Whitehurst considered one of the 10 best free agent quarterbacks this year? And will the Chargers look to any one of these players to replace Whitehurst if he walks? We will find out soon.


10. Tarvaris Jackson


Jackson is a competent veteran.

We’ve seen enough from Jackson during his seven NFL seasons to determine that he’s not going to be a long-term answer as a starter. His 2011 campaign in Seattle proved that point, despite throwing for more than 3,000 yards. But that much time on an NFL roster also proves that Jackson is at least competent. He can get a team in and out of the huddle, he can make decent decisions and he can move the football. Is he going to win a title? No. But he can play the position adequately.

9. Chad Henne


Henne just needs some talent around him.

Henne is far from flashy, as he doesn’t do anything exceptionally well. He doesn’t have a cannon for an arm and he doesn’t make amazing plays with his feet. Thus, he’s kind of just another guy. But, he is a player who has proven he can deal with ugly situations. During his time in Miami and Jacksonville, he’s bravely taken his spot under center every week despite not having much talent around him. In the right situation, with a strong defense and running game, he could win games.

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