Why Michael Sam is exactly what the Chiefs need


Leadership can come in many different forms – whether it’s emotional, vocal or by example. The Chiefs seem to have quite a few vocal leaders, and even more players that lead by example.

But who is the heart and soul of the team? Who on the Kansas City Chiefs has the story that brings them all together to fight for a common cause?

Take a look at the Super Bowl, for instance. The Seahawks had so many “causes” that it became hard to keep up. Derrick Coleman is the first deaf player in the NFL. The entire defense seems to be full of late-round prospects and other teams’ castoffs. And then there’s Russell Wilson, who was passed on by every single team at least twice – the Jaguars took a freaking punter – over him.

The same can be said about the Broncos. From Peyton making his return to the big game after so many were convinced he wouldn’t play again, to the defense that was told they simply couldn’t get it done. These teams had something in them that was bigger than football. They had a cause. They had a reason to keep pushing even when it became tougher to do so.

But I’m not sure the Chiefs have that. I’m not sure the Chiefs have a cause that they’re fighting for. To win, in the NFL, simply isn’t enough. Not in a league in which the difference between winning and losing is so slim. To win – and I mean to really win – you have to have a cause that transcends the game. The team has to come together, rally around one another, and fight through adversity.

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  • Dewayne Colbert

    That sounds perfect to me, I would love to see John and Andy draft Michael Sam.

  • david bell

    nonsense. He was at best a 2-3 round one trick pass rusher. He decided what was more important, rather than keep his sexual life in his home, private, where it belongs, to bring it as the more important aspect of who he is. Strikes out. He will be lucky to get drafted 5-7 and the Chiefs should not invite the homosexual agenda and politics into the clubhouse. Football belongs therein. Gay rights. in leftist politics. Stay clear of this jerk.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. I’m sorry but just because this man comes out as gay doesn’t mean he is some solution to this team. Before this week, his name was never known to me. Now that he is open about his sexuality, he is now somehow the solution to a teams problems, because it gives them something to “fight” for? That is probably the lamest idea to fix this team since the Brodie Croyle debacle.

  • Rich E

    The Chiefs should not and will not draft this guy. Not because of his sexual orientation, but because he does not play a position that exists in the Chiefs defense. He is a pass rush specialist down lineman. The Chiefs defense uses defensive ends as run stoppers. They rush the quarterback with outside linebackers (and they already have two Pro Bowlers at that position) and Sam is not a linebacker. Zero coverage skills.

  • rick erskine

    Yes I too would to see them take Michael Sam we need help on the D side anyway,Let us not forget that Colt”s game.I hope they draft him

  • Anonymous

    This team does not need another linebacker/DE, they need secondary help. I think it would be a bad idea to draft someone based on the notion that a team would have this person’s self inflicted character flaw to rally around. The liberal media of this country always want acceptance and respect given to a person who speaks out about their “orientation”, but no one seems to care about respecting fact that many people in this country detest homosexuality. The reason gays don’t come out is because they know it’s wrong. Just because society accepts this behavior as ok doesn’t mean it is. Look at our past to see just how wrong societal acceptance of certain behaviors has panned out. Slavery, abortion, genicide in some countries. I don’t hate this man for what he does, I just hate what he does. In fact I feel sorry for him. He has been convinced by the media that his behavior is ok, and it is not.