Colts McAfee has right approach


Late Sunday night, Missouri’s All-American defensive end Michael Sam revealed to the world that he is gay.

His twitter, which he just created received numerous amounts of support and over 40 thousand followers in just a few hours.

Many players and media member took to twitter to support his decision, and Colt’s outspoken punter Pat McAfee was no different.

Here is a list of the things McAfee had to say.






McAfee could not have been more on point when it came to the situation. And all players in the NFL need to have his mindset on Sam, and I think many do.

Yes it is great that Sam was able to come out and not be afraid of who he is, but in today’s society many of the athletes in major college football and in the NFL are perfectly fine with this. They have been raised in a different generation and have become tolerant others and more accepting, as how it should be.

The only thing that matters is Sam can come in, work hard, and contribute to a team winning. If he can do that, then the former co-defensive player of the SEC will have a good maybe even great career in the NFL.

CLICK HERE to read on when Sam came out late Sunday night.

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