Did Corey Webster quit on Giants during 2013 season?


Last week, New York Giants radio analyst Carl Banks, and Bleacher Report’s Pat Trania had a discussion on Twitter that centered on the injury “status” that plagued cornerback Corey Webster throughout 2013. Webster, who had his 2014 contract voided by the New York Giants on Friday, was active in only four of sixteen games for Big Blue while purportedly battling groin, hip and ankle injuries.

In fact, toward the end of the 2013 campaign, Webster’s injury status mysteriously changed from a groin injury to ankle injury before he ever even returned to the playing field late in the season.

In an injury report posted prior to the Giants’ December clash against the Seattle Seahawks, I wrote, “the perplexing status of cornerback Corey Webster continues this week, as the Giants formally list him on the injury report with an ankle injury. As the season winds down, the fact that Webster has not been placed on injured reserve seems strange. He also will not play against Seattle.”

Banks, who as a former star player in the NFL, brings a high level of credibility to discussions about locker room dynamics, provided some raw meat for avid Giants’ fan. The former 1983 first-round draft selection tweeted, “#Webster QUIT on his teammates! #QUIT.”

Banks seemed to confirm what many outside the locker room perceived, that Webster had no interest in suiting up for Big Blue in the stretch run of the 2013 season.

Trania asked about what reason Webster would have to mail in his season and speculated that winning the Super Bowl allows a player to feel entitled, but Banks would have none of it. He replied, “But what Webster did goes beyond the pale. He wouldn’t practice or play. Mystery injuries each week.”

Webster took a pay cut in 2013 in order to remain with the G-men; reducing his base salary of $7.25 million to $4 million last March. By voiding the last year of his contract on Friday, New York will free up his base salary of $1 million for the upcoming season, but the team will still have $1.25 million of dead cap space in 2014 as a result.

What that means is that keeping Webster for 2014 would be $2.25 million cap hit for a player who likely felt that the team owed him more money based upon his past production. But Banks summed up Webster’s 2013 season succinctly by tweeting, “yup 4 games played = $1 million per game.”

Add to it that Webster should have been a roster casualty after a disastrous 2012 campaign, where he was repeatedly tested and torched by teams on a weekly basis, and it makes last year’s scenario more perplexing. But the circumstances also demonstrate why teams have to be careful by handing out long term contracts to players.

And if collecting a $4 million paycheck without playing was indeed Webster’s game plan, it would be hard to imagine another team willing to risk valuable cap space on a player with a questionable work ethic.

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  • Cienega32

    I definitely trust Banks’ judgement on this and I was a big Webster fan (prior to 2012, that is). I was at the NYG v HOU game on 10-10-2010 and was right behind the Giants D bench. All I saw was Webster up & down the bench, rallying the D, pumping them up. Good stuff. They shut down HOU and held Foster to 25 yards rushing – 16 of which were on their last possession. Come 2012, I could’ve burned Webster on the field like everyone else did. I had concerns about an injury because of his play (lack of). Little did I know he would go thru a list of them without seeing a snap.

    He agrees to a pay cut in 2013 – a nice team-player attitude and then turns it into a vacation??? Adios, pal! You aren’t worth a mil a game. You should’ve taken some notes from Beason’s playbook.

    BTW – at that game, all I saw from Tuck on the bench was him sitting on the very end, acting fairly uninvolved with anything like a wet noodle. He can go too. As far as I’m concerned, his year-end numbers in 2013 were to pad his value in FA. No “Hometown discount”? He’ll be nothing but contract drama like Osi was. Yeah, he still has some left in the tank but it’s starting to look like he is his only concern. Time to cut ties with guys like that. Thanks for the memories but…