Does Cincinnati’s backfield need an addition?


The Cincinnati Bengals ranked just 18th in rushing yards this past season. Given the success in the passing game, Cincinnati’s yards on the ground total sits in the middle of the pack,  understandably. But the running game , without question,  was essential to Cincinnati’s success offensively.

Benjarvus Green-Ellis racked up 756 yards rushing and added seven touchdowns as the starter for Cincy.  Giovani Bernard chipped in with 695 yards on the ground. He also added 5 touchdowns of his own.



For the Bengals, there isn’t a real NEED to make any moves at the RB position. Though there is always room for improvement, Cincinnati has a very versatile attack out of the backfield. An attack that was hard to stop.

As long as new Offensive Coordinator Hue Jackson utilizes the two backs for their strengths,  and run the football consistenly, the backfield should be fine.

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