Jimmy Haslam FINALLY gets it right for the Browns


Today is Tuesday, February 11th, 2014. Mark this day on your calendars, Cleveland Browns nation! This day will be looked back upon as the day real progress was made.


This day, the Cleveland Browns took a huge step in the right direction. They finally accepted the fact that the front-office was the problem. It was not the players, which included many Pro-Bowlers. It was not the coaches, the latest scapegoat being Rob Chudzinski. It was the top of the Cleveland food chain.


This day, Jimmy Haslem III let go of GM Michael Lombardi, who has done little to move the Browns forward in his one year in C town.


This day, CEO Joe Banner announced that he will be stepping down from his role in the next couple of months.


This day, the GM role gets a fresh face in Ray Farmer. He is unproven. He may work out, he may not. But that’s not the point at the moment – the point is that the Browns understand where the problem is, and (more importantly) are doing something about it.


This day, the owner of our beloved team pulled his head out of the sand. He realized that he could no longer continue to put a poor product on the field and get away with it.


This day, it is now possible to truly improve the franchise. Farmer may be the deliverer. Or he may be just as bad as his predecessors. Regardless, this change needed to happen.


This day, our dark tunnel of mediocrity finally has a light shining at the end of it.


This day, hope is kindled.


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  • Ronald

    Did I notice correctly….did Jim and Ray share the same water bottle during the news conference?

    • Browns4ever

      ohhhh damn I hope not that’s gross…

      • Ronald

        agreed………I’m glad all of this happened. Time will tell if this means more stability. Go Browns!

  • Spencer Engel

    Hahahahaha you guys can’t be serious…

  • CB

    The Browns need to fire the people who do the back ground checks.
    I’m just a Browns fan who has access to the internet. When they hired Banner and Lombardi I did an internet search on articals regarding Banner. Bad news for players, hard to work with and on and on……Banner kept Lombardi out of sight not because he was a “lightning rod” but a “nimrod”.
    Devon Bess was hosptalized in Miami against his will before we traded for him and look at the nut case he is.
    Whoever does background checks for the Browns needs to be fired or Hasslam will keep writing checks for people to leave.
    Cumming Ga