Moves Green Bay should make at QB via free agency


When Aaron Rodgers went down the Packers were faced with a situation they simply weren’t prepared for. When their back up, Seneca Wallace went down, it got worse. Scott Tolzien came in and did an admirable job, but simply wasn’t prepared to be a starter in the NFL.

Ted Thompson, Mark Murphy, and Mike McCarthy will surely have insurance policies in place in way of a legitimate back up quarter back for Rodgers this season should the unthinkable happen again, but who that will be remains the question. Do they trust the development of Scott Tolzien, whose abilities are noted by the staff but still need more work? Or do they hit free agency and pick up a veteran to back up #12?

Another #12 might be the answer to this dilemma, should he be available for the right price. Josh McCown was forced into starting duties this past season in place of Jay Cutler for the division rival Chicago Bears, and he proved that he is a hot commodity when it comes to back up quarter backs. Now, I realize that money could be well spent in other areas on this Packer team, but McCown’s skills as a back up aren’t the only things he brings. No, McCown brings knowledge with him as well.

The Bears will undoubtedly be a pillar standing in the way of the Green Bay Packers fourth straight division title this year, and having somebody on the roster who has some insight into now second year head coach Marc Trestman’s offense will help the Packers greatly. Signals, calls, and plays will of course be shuffled around and changed by the Bears’ staff, but tendencies and formations will likely stay the same. McCown could bring insight into all of these things, and serving as the second team starter, he could greatly aid in preparing the Packers defense for what the Bears will bring two times next year, at least offensively.

Yes, with 20 free agents and 18 million dollars in cap space the Packers could very well use the money it would take to sign McCown elsewhere, and realistically that’s probably what they will do. But, if a free agent quarterback is on the radar, it should be Josh McCown.


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  • Frank

    This is stupid. Sometimes it’s better not write articles everyday than to churn out nonsense like this. No reasonable Packer fan would suggest signing McCown over Flynn.

  • Mick

    I am curious to see if Packers keep both Flynn and Tolzein next season. Tolzein has a great arm…much better than Flynn. But if you need two games next fall in a playoff season…who would you want?