Oakland Raiders: Who is Their Most Hated Division Rival?


The Oakland Raiders do not play well with the other teams in their division. A lot of this stems from several facts.

Long time Raiders Owner, Al Davis was a super villain and he played that role perfectly. His Raiders dominated the AFC West from the merger in 1970 up until the 2003 season following their super Bowl loss to Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The domination was so complete that even with all of the losing the Raiders have endured over the past decade; they have winning records over two of their three division rivals. They also have as many Lombardi Trophies as the rest of the AFC West teams combined.

The last decade has been very difficult to a fan base that is used to having their way with every opponent, particularly those in the same division. The argument that the Raiders are the best team in the division is losing more and more of its credibility with each loss as they have watched those lopsided win-loss records against their division rivals diminish.

If you take a survey of Raider fans, you will get a pretty even mixture of who among the Chargers, Chiefs and Broncos are the most hated. Raider fans are as passionate about their hatred of division rivals as they are about the love of their team. All four AFC West team are former AFL rivals and those rivalries have transferred to this division. Let’s look at each rivalry in the order that I find them offensive:

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  • Derek Walker

    Fun article. I go back and forth between the Broncos and Chiefs on which team I hate the most. I moved from Oakland to Colorado when I was a kid and almost all my friends were donkey fans, so I’d have to say my distain for them runs a bit deeper. The chefs’ record over us is a sore point, but their lack of success in the post season lessens the sting a bit. The Chargers? Meh.

  • raiderarlin

    The Broncos. Period. Going against Elway twice, sometimes three times a year for sixteen years will do that to you. I will say I hate the Chiefs fans more though. Obnoxious they are.

  • Larry Luera

    We hate Denver but KC has a winning advantage over us throughout the years!