Power Rankings: Nick Foles completely snubbed on new list ranking all 32 NFL QBs


With each passing year, no pun intended, the National Football League becomes more and more of a quarterback-driven league. The day and age of teams running the football 40 times per game are a thing of the past, replaced by an era in which quarterbacks throwing 50 passes across four quarters of play is commonplace.

Thus, having the right guy under center is more important now than ever. Simply put, a team can’t contend if they don’t have a good quarterback. And with rare exception, they can’t win a title unless they have a great quarterback.

So which teams are in the best shape, and which ones are in a world of hurt, when it comes to having the right person in this vital position? The editors at cover32 provide their rankings of NFL quarterbacks, based on who would be the starter if the season got going today. To see where Nick Foles checks in (it’s not very high), click here.

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  • Jimbo6400

    Cover thirty two is right-on for ranking Foles. He his way, way over ranked by the folks in the philadelphia area. He his a drop back quarter back who is one dimensional. The teams wining today like Seattle, Frisco, have two deminsional quareterbacks that can run and pass. Look what happened to Peyton Manning and his brother Eli, and Drew Brees. They have no Escapability. Their like sitting ducks when their WR is covered. Watch what happens to Foles this year.

  • hehis

    He His way,way? English,ebonixs? what you speaking?

  • Tom Angstadt

    Jimbo6400 should learn how to write and spell before he offers in depth commentary about one of the brightest and best young QB’s coming up in the NFL. Two of the best QB”s ever to play the game Montana and Namath could not run. They were smart , evasive and made things happen with their arm and brain, just like Foles. Something you obviously do not have.

  • Anonymous

    Yea watch what he does this year. You’ll be eatin what you just said