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With each passing year, no pun intended, the National Football League becomes more and more of a quarterback-driven league. The day and age of teams running the football 40 times per game are a thing of the past, replaced by an era in which quarterbacks throwing 50 passes across four quarters of play is commonplace.

Thus, having the right guy under center is more important now than ever. Simply put, a team can’t contend if they don’t have a good quarterback. And with rare exception, they can’t win a title unless they have a great quarterback.

So which teams are in the best shape, and which ones are in a world of hurt, when it comes to having the right person in this vital position? The editors at cover32 provide their rankings of NFL quarterbacks, based on who would be the starter if the season got going today:


1. Peyton Manning (Denver Broncos) – Yes, he’ll turn 38 years old in March, so Manning’s best years are behind him. But he just set the single-season record for passing yards and touchdown throws; he’s the best in the game.

2. Tom Brady (New England Patriots) – Another aging veteran, but the soon-to-be 37-year-old quarterback is still at the top of his game. Want proof? He led the Patriots to a 12-4 record after losing his top-five receivers.

3. Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints) – Some people are down on Brees after his dismal performance in the playoffs at Seattle, but the Seahawks can make anyone look bad. He’s still a dangerous passer, especially in the Superdome.

4. Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers) – How important is he to the Packers? Look what happened to Green Bay this season when he was out with a broken collarbone. His fourth-down throw to win the division in Week 17 shows his mettle.

5. Eli Manning (New York Giants) – Coming off of a 27-interception season, this may seem way too high for Manning. But the guy has won two Super Bowls; and he wasn’t just along for the ride. In a big game, the younger Manning always shows up.

6. Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks) – People forget that there is still plenty of room for improvement, given that Wilson has only played two seasons. But having a Super Bowl ring helps hide any flaws that still need buffed out.

7. Andrew Luck (Indianapolis Colts) – He has a big-time arm, the ability to make just enough plays with his legs and is a great leader. Right now, he’s the No. 1 choice as the player who will be the be QB for the next 10 years.

8. Tony Romo (Dallas Cowboys) – Knock him all you want; Romo isn’t the problem in Dallas, unless Cowboys fans think they’re going to find someone who is better than 31 touchdowns and only 10 interceptions. He’s the one thing right in Big D.

9. Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh Steelers) – All of those hits are starting to take their toll on Big Ben, but he still had a very good season in 2013, despite not having much of a running game and losing his No. 1 receiver last offseason.

10. Matthew Stafford (Detroit Lions) – Yes, he makes too many mistakes, but that’s primarily because he’s called upon to do absolutely everything for the Lions offense. With the ball in his hands all of the time, there are bound to be a few miscues.

11. Philip Rivers (San Diego Chargers) – Many thought his career was all but over a year ago at this time, only to see it resurrected by new head coach Mike McCoy. Rivers is unorthodox, but he’s a winner; he’d lift any team in the league.

12. Andy Dalton (Cincinnati Bengals) – After a third-straight one-and-done in the playoffs, it’s fashionable to bash Dalton. But that’s shortsighted. Keep in mind, he’s led Cincinnati to the postseason in each of his three seasons; think about that.

13. Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers) – Newton grew by leaps and bounds in 2013, leading the Panthers to the NFC South title. Adding leadership and winning to his résumé was about all that this former No. 1 overall pick was missing.

14. Joe Flacco (Baltimore Ravens) – Yes, he has a Super Bowl title to his name. But with each passing game, it looks more and more like Flacco might have been a flash in the pan. He needs a few more good seasons or he’ll be Mark Rypien 2.0.

15. Colin Kaepernick (San Francisco 49ers) – Perhaps the most-dangerous player in the league, Kaepernick has a deadly combination of passing and running. Right now, he’s just too inconsistent, however; that needs to be corrected.

16. Jay Cutler (Chicago Bears) – Cutler has all of the physical tools, but his inability to come up big in the big moment is becoming troubling. He’s not a kid anymore; at this point, he needs to be way more mature on the field that he currently shows.


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    • Flacco should be 5th or 6th. Up until this season he has taken the Ravens to the playoffs every year and has won a Super Bowl.

    • brandon barker

      Roethlisburger’s body of work is CRAP! he had a great defense. His QBR in big games is pathetic. His QBR of 35 in the 2005 Superbowl against Seattle was the lowest in the history of the Superbowl, now that is evidence of his true body of work.

      • He won the game. You know you play the game to win. Also for how bad he was in that game he was also outstanding in super bowl xl and lwas robbed out of that super bowl. Andrew luck ahead of ben roethlisberger is a joke. Luck had 9 ints in 3 playoff games.ben is the 5th best qb and the second best qb when it comes down to just winning games

      • By the way this list is a joke for having eli that high. He has led the league in ints 3 seasons and looked awful this year when he finally had an offensive line that ben roethlisberger has had to play with for the last 10 years

  1. Tannehill cause for concern?!? To the “staff” who wrote this article, please do a little research and check the 2013 Miami Dolphins offensive line. Brady, Manning, Brees, Rodgers, etc could not play behind that historically horrible o-line!!!

  2. Vinniefromdabronx

    What a waste of electrons. If this writer was look backward, his conclusions might make some sense, but looking forward, it’s a joke. Both Mannings, and Drew Brees and Aaron Rogers? Gimme a break.

  3. Seriously, Tony Romo ahead of Ben? And Eli Manning after a 27 interception year? “The guy (Eli) has won 2 super bowls”…no kidding. I think Ben did that too!

  4. Cutler is rank 16 when he as talented as romo but has less of a reputation for blowing it in big games? Doesn’t seem logical. Eli winning 2 Super Bowls only matters if we are considering prestige as legacy, which we arnt. Eli should be in bottom 15 at best

  5. Credibility out the window THIS LIST IS A JOKE. Eli gets bonus points for 2SB’s understandable if Big Ben gets the same bonus points & he had a better season than Younger Manning. Stafford Sux & has his whole career. Only has gaudy numbers because of Megatron& he still sux- Nick Foles is underated (check stats). Geno Smith is worse than Mike Glennon who is also better than Keenum (didnt win a game) & Gabbert (season away from being a permanent back-up).

  6. Anyone who claims with a straight face they’d take Eli Manning over Ben Roethlisberger is flat-out lying.

  7. Big ben is #5 hands down he have the same amount of superbowls as eli n he made it there more n hade a great rookie year. Eli Manning best year is like ben bad year. I would rather Ben over eli as my pb

  8. Who wrote this article…a guy who played pop warner center…lol

    10.a) Wilson

  9. Rivers at 11? Eli that high? What cuz Eli’s got two superbowls means hes a top 5 QB?????? These rankings are a damn joke.

  10. @ Tanner. Tour first four are probably how most fans would rank them (maybe slight shifting in the first four), but the rest is a toss up.

  11. I never usually troll sports articles but this is just ridiculous, did your girlfriend make this list for you?

  12. This list is a joke. Glennon at 32 when he had a better rookie season than Smith or Manuel as far as QB rating? Why would you judge a rookie QB by his rookie season anyways? Peyton manning and Troy Aikmen both had horrible rookie seasons yet one is in the HoF and the other is a first ballot. I wish reporters would stick to reporting facts instead of uneducated opinions. Funny how there is no name for the author of this and just Staff32. I definitly will not be visiting this horrible website again… just wow!

  13. Would have love to known the criteria used to base these rankings. This looks more like a “who I like best list” rather a than a breakdown of pure QB play and ranking.

  14. GB’s back up Matt Flynn had a better year than Eli and he only played 4 games!!! Give me a break. Here’s my list.
    1. Brady 2. Brady 3. Brady 4. Brady 5. Brady 6. Brady and 7. Brady.
    honorable mentions 8-32: Brady.

  15. Rivers is way better than Stafford. Stafford is only good because of Megatron other than that he’s mediocre at best. This ranking is a joke for sure.

  16. Eli Manning over Russell Wilson?! He’s not even a top 10 QB! After reading that Eli was top 10, it just got worst. This has to be the worst QB ranking system I’ve ever seen.