Twitter Tuesday: Joey Porter is back with the Steelers, Michael Sam to the ‘burgh?


#SteelerNation was buzzing this morning on twitter with this big news on the #Steelers coaching front:

It’ll be good to see No. 55 back in the black and gold and I agree with what this man says:

It will help with Jarvis’s development. Unless Porter is a terrible coach—but with his intensity being what it was as a player, I find it hard to believe he won’t be as passionate on the sidelines.

This is something that bothers me:

I get that the Steelers and the Patriots are two of the more tolerant teams in the NFL, but do you really think all 30 other teams are going to let Sam fall through the cracks just because he came out as gay?

The man can play some ball—if Pittsburgh or New England do end up drafting him, it’ll be pure luck of the draft.

It’s time for your cover32/pit friendly public service announcement. Get on down to your local Giant Eagle and pick one of these bad boys up:

And the dumb tweet of the week goes to this mysterious person who is committing the worst transgression any fan of either one of these teams can make:

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