Why the St. Louis Rams should stay, according to a local radio host


A few weeks ago, I discovered that the rift between the hardcore “Bring Back the Rams to LA folks” and the “Keep the Rams to St. Louis” folks is the modern-day Balkan Peninsula.

My piece about Tavon Austin’s “LA Agenda” and my column about why St. Louis fans should accept – or at least ignore – LA fans both blew up. Those two pieces drew more comments than any of my other articles combined I’m pretty sure.

Now it’s Randy Karraker’s turn to get involved. The 101 ESPN radio host wrote a column yesterday about why the Rams belong to St. Louis and that L.A. fans should stop complaining about getting back what technically isn’t theirs in the first place.

It’s a really interesting and thought-provoking piece, and I encourage you to read it.

Here is a sampling of Karraker’s piece.

“(ESPN LA columnist) Markazi writes, ‘While in Los Angeles, the Rams broke the color barrier in the NFL before the 1946 season – a year before it happened in Major League Baseball – when they signed running backs Kenny Washington and Woody Strode, who were Jackie Robinson’s teammates at UCLA.’ Oh, like while in Brooklyn, the Dodgers broke the MLB color barrier when they signed Robinson? Are we advocating a Dodger return to that bustling borough of New York now?”

Go give it a read.

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