Do any free agent running backs fit with the Pittsburgh Steelers?


Earlier in the week, cover32 released it’s list of Top 10 running backs coming out of the draft this year.

Today they just released a list of the Top 10 free agent running backs.

No Steelers made the list, but is there anyone who would look dapper wearing the black and gold?

For me, I wouldn’t mind seeing former Minnesota Viking Toby Gerhart or former Patriot LeGarrett Blount.

Both are big, bruising running backs who can take the load off of Le’Veon Bell in Pittsburgh this season.

Blount played well enough in New England last season that his asking price may be a tad bit too high, but Gerhart seems like the perfect fit in Pittsburgh.

What do you think Steeler Nation? Tell us below and make sure to check out the official cover32 Top 10 free agent RBs by clicking here.

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  • bob graff

    The Steelers feel pretty confident in a running back that had a 3.5 ypc and consider him a great receiver while he only caught 50% of passes targeted at him on short screens and flat passes. I have been very critical of the Steelers of late and this is why. It just appears to me that the fans and team have come to embraces mediocre play and talent. I for one don’t expect the Steelers to make any major changes. Though all signs say otherwise i really think they feel that they have a good thing going after back to back 8-8 seasons.

  • Jack Frost

    Let’s take in consideration that Bell was running behind the worst OL in the NFL. If you don’t think he showed the grit of being an every down NFL HB, you need your eyes checked Graff. You can spit YPC, yet you don’t mention he only had 1 fumble in 244 touches. He played in 13 games, not a full 16 as he came back from a lisfranc foot injury. You take away 3 of his first 4 games in the NFL, and his YPC increases big time. Not only did he rush for over 800 yards with 8 TD’s in 13 games, he caught the football for 399 yards out of the backfield. Clearly, Bell got better as he went along. If you cannot see that, then I’m not sure what to tell you. If we ever give him a better OL and a real blocking FB to lead block, I’m sure that YPC will get around 5. I feel confident with Bell as the future HB, and you should too.

    • bob graff

      You know Jack, now that you put it that way how could i not see our vastly improved rushing attack. I mean with the way we controlled the ball with our run game, this is what we’ve been waiting for for years.I apologize i just don’t know what blinded me here i thought we had one of the worst running games and all along in plain sight we are actually one of the better running football teams in the league with a feature back of unquestioned ability. Now that you have shown me the light i feel confident also.