Free agent RBs, should the Packers be targeting any?


The Packers offseason, especially in free agency will likely focus on positions with greater need than at running back. Now with Eddie Lacy and Johnathan Franklin on the team and a year under their belts, and Dujuan Harris back and healthy the Packers appear to have the running back position figured out.

However, James Starks is becoming a free agent himself, and his absence may prompt the Packers to look for one more able body to take his place, if the price is right. If they do go after a running back, however, don’t expect him to be much more than a third down back who can be a threat in the passing game.

That’s why, if they go after a free agent at running back, the Packers should target Donald Brown. Ahmad Bradshaw going down due to injury and the Colts then trading for Trent Richardson, not many expected Brown to have much of a 2013 season. However, Brown emerged as the Colts most productive back, and his playing time and snaps eventually showed that. Richardson was frustratingly under productive for a player of his magnitude, which made it almost inevitable for Brown to overtake him as the team’s primary back, but Brown proved he can be a playmaker.

Brown’s elusiveness and size make him ideal for a third down/passing down back. In the open field he can make guys miss, and he can get low enough to run through a defender for those extra yards after contact. If the Packers decide to go after one of these top 10 free agent running backs, it should be Donald Brown.


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