Mailbag: After the recent changes, only Jimmy Haslam can take the blame for the Browns’ future failures


Ummm…I guess the question is, who else can Jimmy Haslam find to fire and blame for the team’s failures? Is there any reason to believe this team isn’t a complete disaster?

Ted in Cincinnati

Well Ted, there’s absolutely no doubt that mistakes have been made from the top to bottom of the Browns’ organization for the last ten to twenty years and it’s not likely to stop soon. There tends to be two different opinions on this subject and one of my writers Eric Johnson seems to think it was the best thing to happen to the team while my other writer, Eric Kelly, seems to think it is just another example of the team’s ineptitude.¬†As for what I think….I never much liked their decision makers from the moment they took the reigns so I don’t hate this move…on the other hand, the way Haslam is hiring and firing like a maniac is giving this team a horrible horrible reputation among coaches and execs that could haunt them for many many years.


Why did the team hire a GM, hire a coach then fire the coach, hire a new coach and fire the GM all within a year? Is the ownership just impatient or did things just not work out with Chud and Lombardi?

Joe in Cleveland

Joe, only the head men in Cleveland really know what’s going on in their scheme for success and that they know is really debatable. I’ve said from the beginning of the coaching search this year that Lombardi was absolutely set on hiring New England Patriots Offensive Coordinator, Josh McDaniels, and when that didn’t work out he wasn’t 100% sold on the team. Who could be sold on a team that has had three coaches in five years and just can’t get any semblance of order because the owner has a trigger finger for making rash decisions. The bad thing is, now that the perception is what it is I doubt Mike Pettine will get fired if he loses 16 games by an average of 40 points. Cleveland better buckle down and accept who they have in leadership roles because I think Haslam will try to change the look of the franchise for better or for worse.


Are the Browns going to sign enough legit free agents to make this team more competitive than their four win season this year?

Alex in Florida

I hope so…gosh I do hope so….It will be just as much about the draft as it will free agency and we will see if the new regime can make good decisions in regards to who they sign and who they let go. The team has some players to build around and ten picks in this years draft, including two first rounders, and that in theory should give this team a chance to really turn things around. They need some O-line help and some help at corner back and receiver and running back but most importantly and absolutely 100% a MUST, they need a QB. Not a Jason Campbellor even Brian Hoyer type quarterback but a franchise guy who can put this team on his back and carry them to relevance. Will that happen? Who knows. I certainly hope so and I’ve been very open in my hope that they trade up to pick Johnny Manziel in the first few picks of the draft this May. I truly do believe that they are a few good picks and free agents away from being a good team but as badly as this offseason has gone…I just don’t know if I can put any faith whatsoever in this organization to do things right.


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