Mailbag: On cap space, Michael Sam and more


A special thanks to those who submitted questions this week. We’ll keep the mailbag up and running for the time being, so please continue to submit your questions for the mid-week edition.

When will the Eagles start re-structuring contracts and releasing players before free agency for more cap space? – @penseur76

My guess is that they’re waiting until after the NFL Combine to solidify any decisions they may have already talked about. So long as the Eagles have everything taken care of before free agency starts, there really isn’t much of a rush to do a whole lot right now. I think they’ll take their time to evaluate some prospects at the combine before making any final decisions on which players to cut.

From a restructuring standpoint, I’d assume they’re working on some of that stuff right now behind closed doors.

Do you think the Eagles would consider drafting Michael Sam? – Dillon from Allentown

Absolutely. The Eagles are not concerned about Sam’s admission of being openly gay, and rightfully so. It’s about football for them, and they’ll judge him based off that. With the situations they’ve already dealt with (Vick and Cooper), they are more than capable of handling the extra media attention that is sure to follow.

Not to mention, they do have a need at outside linebacker. The Eagles could view Sam as a mid-round target.

I sense a power/ego struggle with Howie and Chip. Will their relationship ultimately decide the fate of this team? – @penseur76

I don’t know about that. I think they both want what is best for the team, and I think ultimately they both understand the roles they have to play. Chip is a coach, and I think he isn’t as concerned about personnel issues as Andy Reid may have been. Sure, he wants players on his team who are going to optimize what he’s trying to do, but I don’t think he feels the need to spearhead that process. It’s still a growth period for their relationship, but I believe the two have what it takes to build a championship-caliber team here in Philadelphia.

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