Mailbag: Will the Bears draft Michael Sam?


University of Missouri pass rusher Michael Sam made big news Sunday night when he announced he was gay. Sam now figures to be the first openly gay player in NFL history. Our mailbag this week starts with him.

Is Michael Sam a fit for the Bears? – Jim in Skokie

Is he a fit for the Bears? Sure he is. The question is where the team would draft him. Sam has a skill set many teams in the league need but it’s going to come down to value. The early comparisons of Sam are to All-Pro Robert Mathis who was drafted in the fifth round by the Colts. That’s where the Bears will have any interest if he’s still on the board. The locker room is strong enough to accept him for who he is. Players like Brandon Marshall and Lance Briggs will make him comfortable and Chicago is a very progressive city.

Who’s an early favorite to be a breakout performer for the team next year? -Peter in Washington D.C.

Right now it has to be wide receiver Marquess Wilson. He’s been working out with Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery down in Florida. Jeffery was with Marshall down there last year and it paid off big time. Wilson is a very talented receiver with similar size to Marshall and Jeffery. Best guess is he takes over the third receiver role from Earl Bennett.

What position will the Bears look at closely in the Scouting Combine? -Marie in Mokena

If there has to be one choice then it’s defensive tackle. The Bears would like to find a run stuffing player to fill a big void. They are going to look for one with first round talent but it they see value in a guy who can be there in the second round then they will wait. This is why safety and cornerback are second and third on the list. Don’t be surprised if the Bears fall in love with a guy from either position and draft him first.

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