McCoy's nemesis tops list of free agent running backs


Back in October, Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy voiced his opinion on Twitter when he replied to a Skip Bayless tweet, saying that Denver Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno “sucks”.

It seems like McCoy’s comments regarding Moreno stem from the fact that the Broncos’ ball-carrier was selected ahead of Shady in the 2009 NFL draft. McCoy probably feels like he should have been — however, he was forced to wait until the second round to hear his name called.

Donald Brown (Colts) and Beanie Wells (Cardinals) were also drafted ahead of McCoy, but to date McCoy hasn’t made feelings about either players public. His angst is probably only directed at Moreno, who was the first running back off the board.

While McCoy basks in the glory of his 2012 contract extension, Moreno will have to look for a new job. Here is cover 32’s list of the top free agent running backs heading into the offseason.

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