Minnesota Vikings Mailbag! The DOME, Norv Turner, and a new linebacker!


The Vikings signed CFL linebacker Simoni Lawrence Tuesday. Will he add anything to the Vikings defense? James, Denver, CO

Simoni Lawrence… hmm… Simoni Lawrence. Remind me again who this is? Didn’t he play with the St. Louis Rams for a month and the Philadelphia Eagles for two, then the Bears, then the Bucs all in one year never making a roster?? Then joined Canada? Where he only started one game? I’m just wondering how desperate the Vikings have become to sign a player who couldn’t cut it in any NFL organization, never making it out of training camp or off of a practice roster…. including the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Even the eighty year old free agents like Takeo Spikes are better options than this guy who barely cut it in the CFL. His career NFL numbers all equal zero. ZERO! This guy isn’t a rookie, though most would guess he is. To answer your question James, no, he will not make any sort of impact whatsoever on the Vikings defense. He may not even make it through training camp. If he does, the Vikings have more problems on defense than I originally thought they did.

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