Nate Irving says on Twitter hideous new Broncos uniform design is “just a prototype”

Credit: Tim Heitman, USA TODAY Sports

Last week we brought you the news of a rumor gaining steam on Reddit that the Denver Broncos were going to be getting new uniforms from Nike, making them “the Oregon of the NFL.”

Today, a design surfaced on Twitter and was tweeted at Broncos linebacker Nate Irving.

Irving responded with something a bit curious.

He didn’t, by any means, confirm these are in consideration; but calling something a “prototype” doesn’t exactly mean it’s completely out of the running either.

We’ll keep you posted.

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  • Ted

    Yeah right these are awesome as hell

  • JemChash

    You’re kidding that you really posted this?!! WTF!! Do you know the meaning of ‘prototype’ and you realize that Nate Irving isn’t the kind to spend much tweeting than any extra second. Some random twitter account post a picture of a design that he probably just copied and pasted from a discussion board or someone’s lil twitter account that post their own ‘prototype’s’ or ‘concepts’ to in their wildest dreams catch an eye of someone but really just to be noticed and given heed from writing crap like this! You do know the reddit user that started that rumor is a Seahawks fan and there is no merit to the jersey’s changing from Orange or anything. Perhaps a new design is in the works but Nike and its graphic design partners would never ‘leak’ or allow that info to come out before intended. To take that tweet to the point you just did was just outrageous.

    TED: You’re blipping kidding!! Those are so fugly. Unplug the PS4 or XBox1 and watch something with you eyes outside. Those WOULD NEVER be passed by Elway nor the NFL. Oregon has lost a brand because their colors and brand are never consistent and casual fans have trouble even knowing Oregon’s colors half the time. Markeing is a fickle thing when done improperly. Phil Knight is using Oregon as his aspect of Nike he wants to be known for. For the people amongst your demographic. But he doesn’t do it outside of other areas except a given few and stays far from it in other sports…