Oakland Raiders giving up on Menelik Watson already?


The Oakland Raiders have long had one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL, a problem they have been trying to fix ever since drafting Robert Gallery way back in the 2004 NFL draft. Since taking over responsibilities for drafting as the Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie has taken two offensive tackles in two consecutive drafts and neither one appears destined to anchor an end of the Raiders offensive line any time soon.

Both Tony Bergstrom and Menelik Watson have had injury issues and have not shown enough to earn starting spots, let alone much playing time with the team. Bergstrom, McKenzie’s first ever draft pick with the Raiders may not make it through another season with the Raiders after failing to move up the depth chart at guard or tackle. And now, Watson, the British born basketball player with only a few years of experience playing football, may already be out of favor with the Raiders.

According to Scott Bair of CSN Bay Area, the Raiders coaching staff is concerned after just one season with the team that Watson “might not have it”. This is rather big news since many had hoped Watson could be the answer the Raiders have been looking for at right tackle. The Raiders still need to re-sign left tackle Jared Veldheer, but assuming they do, they still need another book end to anchor the right side of the line.

If Watson is not that guy, it means the Raiders will have to add yet another piece to their long list of needs heading into this off season.

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  • K.N.Singh

    I will fire the coach who talked like that, when as said when he played he help his own again top rusher last year. You do not need coach on yout team who does not have guts to talk to GM, but will talk to media. It would never happen during Mr. Davis ‘s time

  • cknott007

    assumptions! assumptions! assumptions! TISK TISK

  • Frank

    I have a lot less faith in Dennis Allen.

  • Anonymous

    Dennis Allen needs to go!

  • Florida Raider

    Allen seems to think every player thrown into the fire must be all pro starters within two games. Fist he destroyed TP then we know he yanked Hayden and no Watson. Time to fire this boszo bean counter he is not is HC period

  • Florida Raider

    Houston we have a problem! We have a GM who cannot draft a beer, A whining bunch of coaches and a HC who is a egomaniac with little man syndrome. DID I forget a spoiled brat never worked for a dime rich kid owner who could give two craps about the fans or the players. MARK DAVIS SELL THE TEAM U SUK